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JULY 17 - JULY 23
Best in PrintWater wise
In the middle of a drought, in the middle of the desert … where do we stand? read article
Best in PrintGonged but not forgotten
Behind the scenes with the Vegas contingent of Comedy Central’s revamped “Gong Show” read article
Freaky and Fabulous
The Vegas contestants of “The Gong Show” with Dave Attell read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionThe Gibbons follies(1 comment)
It’s ridiculous, just plain ridiculous to assume that Gov. Jim Gibbons used any political influence to receive a special designation that lowered his annual property ... more
The IntersectionTaxing argument(1 comment)
Here’s the deal, folks: We need higher taxes. There, I said it. And (gulp) I mean it. We need them because we can’t budget-cut ($1 ... more
The IntersectionTrump-atross?
I’m sitting at the lobby bar of the undeniably pretty Trump International Hotel on a Sunday evening about to tuck into a $21 burger and ... more
No country for old shoppers
When was the last time you read a John Updike novel cover to cover in a single sitting? Or even a John Updike book jacket ... more
The Help Desk
Naked man hijacks Las Vegas bus. Well, he would have to; no pockets for change. Starbucks to close five Las Vegas shops this month. Damn! ... more


Bottle Rockin’ It
“The wine area is mobbed. Way busier than last time,” the text message reads. I’m off bridesmaiding in New Jersey, but an enlisted spy keeps ... more
NightlifeScotty, Scotty, he’s our man!
“What happens at the Ball … stays with you forever.” With a motto like that, it’s understandable why the Exotic Erotic Strippers & Hustlers Ball, ... more
In the mix
Gas prices are impeding party funds. We’re thinking twice about ordering another $15 cocktail at the club. Even lap dances in the VIP lounge are ... more
NightlifeCoca-Cola WE8
Calm down, caffeine fiends—Coke hasn’t gone and changed its magic formula or anything like that. But for a short time, at least the bottles will ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment‘The Hive will open’
It’s sweltering inside The Hive, but not because the dance floor is packed with bodies. more
In the building with “Elvis”
Brendan Scholz is a man of few words. Or, more accurately, the Lydia Vance vocalist/guitarist is a man of few short-term plans. more
Arts and EntertainmentFour questions with The Zombies’ Colin Blunstone
Spencer Patterson interviews lead singer Colin Blunstone of the 60’s British hit rock band The Zombies. more
Arts and EntertainmentTalk of the Town
Call Halloween Town a local supergroup if you want, but its leader prefers a different term. more
Arts and EntertainmentAt last, the black night
You understand fully that it will not be a typical show when a horn player grabs a scarred metal flask and asks, “Is this the ... more


ScreenEnveloped in darkness
“Why so serious?” wonders the poster tagline—invoking, ironically enough, the very question that moviegoers will likely be asking as they emerge from the theater. Batman ... more
ScreenHoly List, Batman!
As “The Dark Knight” soars into theaters this week, we’ve combed through the lengthy archives of Batman lore to create our list of the caped ... more
ScreenMamma Mia!
I remember reading years ago that when John Woo was making Mission: Impossible II, he conceived the action scenes first and then had the screenwriter ... more
ScreenThe Singing Revolution
The tiny Eastern European nation of Estonia gets its moment in the spotlight with The Singing Revolution, a blandly positive documentary about the nonviolent action ... more
ScreenSpace Chimps
After seeing Pixar’s dazzling, creative and heartfelt WALL-E, it’s a serious crash back down to Earth to watch Space Chimps, the clumsy, unfunny and aesthetically ... more
Brick Lane
Residents of the actual Brick Lane, a London thoroughfare inhabited mostly by Bangladeshi immigrants, turned out in droves to protest this filmed adaptation of Monica ... more

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Food by the Yard
TasteThe network of overhead pipes above you carries the world’s largest selection of draft beers, up to 250 delicious brews. And the menu seems almost as encyclopedic, as if the world’s largest selection of dishes were on hand to accompany them.




CD Cover Girl Talk
Girl Talk—aka Pittsburgh biomedical engineer Gregg Gillis—elevated the concept of the mash-up to an art form on 2006’s Night Ripper.
CD Cover John Mellencamp
His latest album may be coming out on the Starbucks-owned Hear Music label, and his last hit may have been the soundtrack to a Chevy commercial, but John Mellencamp sounds ...
CD Cover Nas
Nas is cursed. Ever since the release of 1994’s seminal Illmatic, the Queensbridge representer has faced impossibly high expectations.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 17, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Coca-Cola WE8

Calm down, caffeine fiends—Coke hasn’t gone and changed its magic formula or anything like that. But for a short time, at least the bottles will be available in some very ...