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JULY 24 - JULY 30
Best in PrintThe over it issue
Our sampling of people, things, ideas and trends that have passed their freshness date read article
Best in PrintIt would be taboo to talk about struggling”
If you’re a cop, a lot of emotional baggage builds up behind the badge. What do you do with it? read article
Best in PrintThe celebrity watchdog
Chatting with top Las Vegas entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionDouble-mocha nonfat soy sadness
What really hurts in a near-depression/recession/national tragedy is when cherished neighborhood coffeehouses are affected. Upon hearing the death knell for five—five—of my favorite local Starbucks, ... more
The IntersectionPing-pong balls and cups! Run for your lives!
I’ll just say up front, in the interest of full disclosure, that I’m 43 and an avid video-game player. I’ll kick your ass on Guitar ... more
There’s wind in them thar hills
The green crowd is at it again, this time pushing for wind farms throughout much of the West and Great Plains. TV commercials are appearing ... more
The IntersectionRun, don’t walk
When walking-enthusiast website rated Las Vegas the No. 18 most walkable city in the country, we all scoffed, of course. When being a pedestrian ... more
Beyond Father Flanagan
John Katsilometes chats with Tom Waite, CEO of Boys Town Nevada, in this edition of Our Metropolis. more
Fee for all
Before you roll your eyes and groan, hear Adam Russin out. He’s not trying to get any money, he’s not trying to draw any attention ... more
The Help Desk
Lake Las Vegas files for bankruptcy. Caviar will now be served only on weekends. Third terminal project approved for McCarran International Airport. More canceled flights ... more


The Right Wing
It’s hard not to feel just a little like a hooker when you’re dressed to the nines, waiting for a man you couldn’t pick out ... more
NightlifeHigh-dollar crash pads
It’s far better that you crash at one of these high-end bachelor (or bachelorette) pads at CityCenter’s Veer Towers than attempt to make it out ... more
NightlifeGlen Cohen
Mixologist Glen Cohen focuses on simple and practical cocktails for his list at Revolution. more
NightlifeThe boonies are good enough
The Silverton Hotel & Casino has an off-the-beaten-path sort of feel to it, which is odd considering it’s just off of Las Vegas Boulevard—an exceptionally ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with Scars on Broadway drummer John Dolmayan
We caught up with Scars on Broadway drummer and Las Vegas resident John Dolmayan for an update on his new project with fellow System of ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOne great big family”
As Mike Watkins, 26-year-old bassist for Vegas band Nous, smashes into best friend Dave McCraw while moshing his brains out to local metal act Parannoyd ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOutside in
I was driving on I-215 south of town when for an instant I mistook the silhouetted Strip for the real Manhattan skyline. I had gotten ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFalling Down
As they are in most areas of absurd cultural production, the Japanese are way ahead of the rest of the world in creating ridiculous game ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSexyspeak with stand-up Jim Gaffigan
The sexiest city is the city that I’m in, obviously. When it comes to balding, 40-year-old, out-of-shape guys that are very pale, I’m bringing sexy ... more
Aggress me!
Wisconsin’s Naked Aggression aren’t your normal ’90s Midwest punk-rockers. more
Arts and EntertainmentShannan Calcutt as Izzy in Zumanity
“Izzy loves her eye shadow and blond bouffant!” says Calcutt. “Looking that coiffed takes work. “ more
Arts and EntertainmentAlkaline Trio
Agony & Irony by Alkaline Trio is a fast-paced and straightforward but somewhat castrated blend of pop, emo, goth and arena rock: generic bombast that ... more


ScreenA step back
Step Brothers demonstrates the inevitable negative effects of too much of a good thing by taking a bunch of stuff that has worked in previous ... more
ScreenThe X-Files: I Want to Believe
The big question, 10 years after the first X-Files movie and six years after the series ended, is: What’s the point of a new movie? ... more
ScreenBigger, Stronger, Faster
Christopher Bell may look like your typical meathead jock, but he’s got the outsider gadfly instincts of a Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlock in his ... more

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Ciao Bella!
TasteYou mightn’t know it to look at me, but I occasionally work out at Las Vegas Athletic Club on South Eastern Avenue, and a mere stone’s throw away is one of Vegas’ truly great Italian restaurants, the unassuming La Focaccia.




CD Cover Alkaline Trio
Agony & Irony by Alkaline Trio is a fast-paced and straightforward but somewhat castrated blend of pop, emo, goth and arena rock: generic bombast that evokes mild unease and not ...
CD Cover The Black Ghosts
Theo Keating and Simon Lord, aka The Black Ghosts, will be familiar to those who’ve followed the traces of U.K. dance outfits Simian and The Wiseguys, from whence they were ...
CD Cover Black Kids
Only two members—vocalist/guitarist Reggie Youngblood and his vocalist/keyboardist sister Ali—are technically black, and with each member well into his or her 20s, none would easily be mistaken for kids. But ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 24, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Mandarin Mojave

Oranges, mint and jalapeños?! Surprisingly, it works. Says beverage manager and mixologist Robert Parekh, “I chose to use fresh jalapeños in the cocktail to add a distinct spice that would ...