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Best in PrintThe shape of things to come
Anxiety hits Las Vegas Boulevard read article
Best in PrintHow low can you go?
Confessions of a bad-news addict read article
These are anxious times
A few pieces of my worried mind read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

Leave Boyd alone!(2 comments)
Within hours of last week’s not-terribly-shocking news that Boyd Gaming was halting construction on its $4.8 billion Echelon project, message boards and blog comment sections ... more
The IntersectionMovement or fan club?(1 comment)
A line forms behind a circle of people flanking a table where ex-Black Panther Dhoruba Bin Wahad waxes pseudo-philosophic on the inherent evil of the ... more
Be like Bobby
Whether Robert Kennedy would have made a good president is unknowable. All that is certain is that during his campaign he convinced millions of Americans ... more
The IntersectionBringing it all together(1 comment)
It seems so incredibly simple, you wonder why no one in Las Vegas has done it before. But if it succeeds, it’s sure to be ... more
The Help Desk
Celtics’ Paul Pierce handcuffed during traffic stop on the Strip. And the list of reasons why we’ll never get an NBA franchise just keeps on ... more


Douchebag follow-up
This just proves once more that when Los Angelenos come to poo all over Vegas, they shouldn’t depart thinking the mayor is busy shining up ... more
Rock Pockets
In a world routinely committing crimes against rock culture (Tuscan Orange Grapefruit Michelob Ultra?!), it’s gratifying to see little pockets of rebellion still clinging to ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentA fine Hokes(1 comment)
On a recent trip to the Valley of Fire, I was determined to see petroglyphs. I knew they were there—I had been to the visitor’s ... more
Close call
It’s been a quiet week over at Rejavanate. Following a large brawl during a July 26 show featuring LA punk band Naked Aggression, the indie ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFive freakiest things about this local punk CD we received
Local music can be very scary. Check out this freaky punk CD we received. more
Arts and EntertainmentMajestic at the midpoint
Half-way through the Utah Shakespearean Festival, Jacob Coakley reviews Othello, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Taming of the Shrew. more
Arts and EntertainmentJabba the shirt: Wear him today
They called him Jabba the Huntridge, the foul-mouthed, ill-tempered and morbidly obese security guard at the historic Huntridge Theatre who patted down thousands of kids ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMovement or fan club?(1 comment)
A line forms behind a circle of people flanking a table where ex-Black Panther Dhoruba Bin Wahad waxes pseudo-philosophic on the inherent evil of the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPaging Mr. D … Mr. Chuck D
Nas is bumping on the public-address system as T.J. Crawford readies the remaining National Hip-Hop Political Convention attendees for a closing session on the fall ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMotley Crue
From the moment they hit the stage at the nearly full Mandalay Bay Events Center with “Kickstart My Heart,” Mötley Crüe sounded tired and sluggish. more


ScreenAn express to nowhere
Stoner comedies, as became all too apparent during the brief heyday of Cheech and Chong, tend to suffer from an inherent liability: Their protagonists are ... more
ScreenEncounters at the End of the World
At this point in his career—46 years as a filmmaker, 54 features and shorts—Werner Herzog has done time in so many inhospitable climes, and celebrated ... more
ScreenThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
The pants don’t make much of a showing in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, but no matter. They’re nothing more than a gimmick ... more
ScreenHell Ride
After Pulp Fiction came out in 1994, theaters and video stores were flooded with legions of Quentin Tarantino knockoffs, second-rate crime dramas with self-consciously hip ... more

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A new dynasty
TasteWho would have imagined the Gold Coast casino would be a hotbed for authentic Chinese cooking? Now the recent opening of Noodle Exchange has thrust it into the forefront of Chinese dining in Vegas, and customers are slowly getting the message.




CD Cover Scars on Broadway
These days, any rocker worth his (or her) salt has a side project. But with System of a Down on hiatus, Scars on Broadway—the new band co-founded by guitarist/vocalist Daron ...
CD Cover The Faint
Say this for The Faint: They don’t sweat the trends. The Nebraskans went retro-new wave in the late ’90s, way before anyone was gushing over Hot Hot Heat, Fischerspooner or ...
CD Cover Hawthorne Heights
Used to be protracted legal battles were the domain of more established artists bickering over back-catalog royalties or accounting malfeasance. Similarly, most bands don’t experience the untimely death of a ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 31, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Crystal Rock’n Lemonade

So named for Christian Audigier’s clothing line Crystal Rock, and therefore ultimately for his daughter Crystal. A little bit Country Time (think rocking chairs) and a little bit rock ‘n ...