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Best in PrintHomeless shelter?
By matching homeowners who have empty houses with homeless folks who need shelter, Calvin Leslie feels he’s doing Las Vegas a service while making himself a little money. Some neighbors disagree. read article
Best in PrintVegas calling
Local punk didn’t die, it went underground - to house gigs, desert shows, and the streets - where it’s been embraced by a new generation read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionPreservation at a price(1 comment)
The next time you’re standing in the historic Huntridge Theatre, you might be picking up a pair of flip-flops. Not at a band’s merchandise table; ... more
UNLV students try to fix what pols haven’t
The speed at which traffic buzzes by these three acres of grass and shade is mesmerizing. Huntridge Circle Park is an island between north- and ... more
The IntersectionDigital Vegas(1 comment)
Even for me, even with all that I say and write and do to evangelize the cause of digital media in this city, it was ... more
The IntersectionJudge Elizabeth Halverson
The formal disciplinary hearing of Judge Elizabeth Halverson concluded last week with testimony from witnesses for Halverson. However, the completion of the hearing came on ... more
The IntersectionCool Bus!
We’ve innocently come to revel in our hatred of the U.S. president, and the Vegas sun is trying to kill us. The 28-ton blue bus ... more
Tiny little rant
When exactly did companies around town (you know who you are) decide to start leaving those annoying fliers on our garage-door handles? For most Las ... more
The IntersectionSubprime = subcrime?
At the corner of Fremont and 15th Street, a Las Vegas police camera, powerful enough to scan two dozen locations and pinpoint a license plate ... more
Minority report
The e-mail sat in my in-box, an angry bullet fired by a frustrated white man. Minutes before, he’d heard San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Ruben Navarette ... more
The IntersectionRon’s report(3 comments)
For nearly 25 years, Ron Futrell was the face of KTNV Channel 13. His laid-back, friendly demeanor, coupled with solid sports reporting and an instantly ... more


NightlifeChill Out!
The temperature is 23 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’re surrounded by ice. The bar, walls, seating—everything is carved from blocks of Canadian ice. And it’s all ... more
NightlifeExactly 20 minutes with ND of ND’s Space
Douchebags are soooo hot right now. Well, at least in their own minds. Douchebaggery is running rampant and has garnered—as many rampant things do—its very ... more
NightlifeMic me
I’ve tagged along on karaoke nights before, but none quite like this. Sure, there’s the usual database of 70,000 songs (including a large Korean selection), ... more
Blame it on Rio
In this, Sugarcane’s opening night, the Sushisamba bartenders are beyond bustling—they’re downright flustered. Though they’ve had a month to softly open inside the Shoppes at ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentParting words
They stood 6-5, with the afros 6-9, hated Tommy Lasorda and charged steak sandwiches to the Underhills’ tab. Okay, they didn’t really, but like the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFunky good time
The first time I walked into the house that hosts the Funky Jah Punkys’ weekly barbecue concert, SpongeBob SquarePants was playing on the TV. The ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHere and there
Contemporary Arts Collective Director Beate Kirmse, in her first curatorial effort, has chosen two painters whose work could not be more different: Erik Gecas, favoring ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSweet hypocrisy
An important part of watching MTV’s reality sensation My Super Sweet 16 is wishing horrible, unpleasant things on the bratty, pampered teenagers who whine and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe young and the restless
Dust Gallery, on the ground floor of Downtown’s Soho Lofts, is used to being on the edge of the next big thing. Next week, the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA journey of forgiveness
While the Atomic Testing Museum is thin on details about the human costs of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, the center does have the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOld Man Syndrome
Despite what the band’s name might suggest, this four-song EP actually sounds kinda fresh. more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with Deer Tick’s John McCauley
I’ve played in an ice-cream parlor. I’ve played in the back of a frame shop. I played a fashion show at a VFW post the ... more


ScreenBottle Shock
There are few narrative formulas as crowd-pleasing and oft-used as the underdog story. Audiences have a timeless desire to see the snobby nobleman fall face-first ... more
ScreenRoman de Gare
At a gas station one night, Pierre (Pinon), the slaving ghost writer to a famous trash novelist, watches Huguette (Dana) get stranded after her fiancé ... more
ScreenDefinitely not to be
The play-within-the-movie that gives Hamlet 2 its title comes off like a bizarre, twisted, campy mash-up of Shakespeare and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete ... more
ScreenThe Rocker
Is it possible for a movie to actually kill rock n’ roll? Probably not, but The Rocker certainly comes close. more
ScreenWhat’s in a skin color?(1 comment)
Last week’s release of the big-budget comedy Tropic Thunder was greeted with protests from several advocacy organizations representing a certain minority group, people who objected ... more
ScreenThree questions with Hamlet 2 star Steve Coogan
Jeffrey M. Anderson takes a moment with Hamlet 2’s star Steve Coogan. more
ScreenDeath Race
Anderson showed a satirical edge in his 1994 debut, Shopping, but brings his video-game sensibilities to this belated remake of Death Race 2000. more

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Erin go blah
TasteThe food at McFadden’s, a self-styled Irish pub that originated in New York City before expanding into a national chain, is quite good, although only marginally Irish.




CD Cover Extreme
Singer Gary Cherone sounds way more like Sammy Hagar than he used to—an influence from his time fronting Van Halen, perhaps?—but otherwise it’s business as usual for hard rockers Extreme ...
CD Cover Old Man Syndrome
Despite what the band’s name might suggest, this four-song EP actually sounds kinda fresh.
CD Cover Staind
Believe it or not, Staind was at one time one of the most promising metal bands in the country. Their 1999 sophomore album, Dysfunction, integrated the pummeling, heavy sound of ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Aug 21, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Tasmanian Rain

Anyone who says that water is water is water is lying to himself and is sadly missing out on a great beverage pleasure. The velvety soft, pleasant mouth-feel of Tasmanian ...