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The Road to Denver (and every place on the way)
With a fully loaded Mazda 6 and no guarantee of getting into the Democratic National Convention, John Katsilometes and T.R. Witcher sample the political landscape along the way to Denver read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionWhat I’m thinking as I zip-line over the desert(1 comment)
The scene: A new eco-adventure attraction, Bootleg Canyon Flightlines. Cable strung over hills in Boulder City. Foolish reporter in a harness, preparing to fly down ... more
The IntersectionMysterious Ways
This whole planes-falling-out-of-the-sky thing turns out to be about a benevolent God, you know. Driving toward the scene of the second airplane accident last week, ... more
Note to GOP: Grow a pair
My buddy Fast Jimmy says too many politicians lack “nails.” “They’re almost as bad as reporters,” Jimmy says, flashing his best Jersey-boy smirk. “Their egos ... more
The IntersectionWhy Las Vegas won’t host a political convention any time soon (duh)
Denver and St. Paul are all-American cities, the sorts of places that host national political conventions. But why not Las Vegas? This city in many ... more
The IntersectionI posed today
Playboy’s casting-call confirmation e-mail said to meet in the Palms Fantasy Tower. Yet there were no signs directing model hopefuls. Just walls and closed doors. ... more
The help desk
Britney Spears reappears in Las Vegas, reportedly looking hot. Nice try, Britney, but John McCain’s already chosen his running mate. Mos Def under larceny investigation ... more
The IntersectionWhat’s the use?
Real-estate agent Jack LeVine describes the shuttered Clark County Courthouse on Third Street as a “classic icon of mid-century modernism.” You may be thinking: This ... more


Nightlife40/40 Closes Its Doors
After months of whispers that the 40/40 Club/ultra-sports bar and lounge would be closing, Palazzo reps addressed the issue last Wednesday: 40/40 will return to ... more
NightlifeClone pours
The Grape is a welcome addition to this corner of Town Square. It’s a place for good wine, good conversation and good gripes about how ... more
NightlifeDoing hard labor
Aaaaaaaaaaaaack! OhsweetJesusohmyGod. Ugh.” I honestly haven’t thrown up from anything that wasn’t germ-related in a long, long time. But it’s Saturday morning and I’m mid-Labor. ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentAzy Nenuphar in Crazy Horse Paris
While Nenuphar has danced on many continents, her first gig was playing Wonder Woman, Catwoman and even Bugs Bunny at an amusement park in her ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDowntown-apalooza
Thirry Harlin was shopping in a convenience store when someone spotted the “RT” tattoo on his arm. “They’d seen my Revolution Theory logo on posters ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLove hurts
Las Vegas’ electro-rock superwomen have been hit with a dose of kryptonite. Whether it’s fatal remains to be seen. Much-adored local quintet Love Pentagon has ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPoppermost(8 comments)
Poppermost certainly isn’t short on delusions of grandeur. The band calls its music “one gigantic mass [encompassing] pop, rock, country, soul and classical” in the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFringe” benefits
Anointed this year’s Heroes or Lost before even premiering, thanks to online buzz, a screening at Comic-Con over the summer and the presence of co-creator ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDrawing power
When I received the invite for a group exhibition of drawings and saw the face of a young man in a baseball cap, I assumed ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFeed the Monkey(1 comment)
There are a couple of different times I think I’m really hysterical. The first is when I’m re-dubbing the announcer’s voice-over on late-night infomercials for ... more


ScreenMumbling toward success
Baghead bears many of the hallmarks of mumblecore—it’s about relationships among intelligent but inarticulate 20-somethings, it’s shot in a rough, hand-held style, it’s plotted loosely ... more
ScreenThe Little Red Truck
It seems almost cruel to criticize The Little Red Truck, an earnest, cheery documentary about the Missoula Children’s Theatre. more

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A (too) sweet time
TasteI had two very different experiences at Basil ’n Lime, a charming newcomer on the west side, advertising “Authentic Thai Cuisine” on its outside sign. If you’re not Thai, you’re not a favorite to get much of it, even though the kitchen is capable of producing it.




CD Cover DragonForce
It can be hard to know whether to take DragonForce seriously. The songs on the British power-metal-throwback band’s fourth album, Ultra Beatdown, mostly push the seven- or eight-minute mark, and ...
CD Cover Lykke Li
Despite impeccable production, little of Novels lingers; although it’s a pleasant-enough listen, the album’s melodies and expressions fade immediately after it ends—much the way frothy cotton candy melts away as ...
CD Cover The Game
I’m about my ’hood/I’m about my block,” The Game raps on “LAX Files,” the first song on his third album, LAX. This isn’t particularly accurate. Anyone listening to him for ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Sep 4, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Cocktail Tree

“Share and share alike”; “Do unto others…” (yeah, those old chestnuts). But when sublime cocktails are at hand (or in hand), a little goodwill can go a long way. While ...