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Best in PrintFall A+E Guide: Movies
Weekly film critic Josh Bell previews this fall’s blockbusters, Oscar hopefuls and guilty pleasures. read article
Fall A+E Guide: Music
Clear your calendar and your iPod: This fall brings a variety of concerts and albums you won’t ... read article
Best in PrintMemory in the City of Desire
For the anniversary of the tragedy we said we’d never forget, Chuck Twardy tours local memorial parks to examine the state of our public memory read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

(Not quite so) right(1 comment)
As the election cycle heats up and money flies in every direction for the political parties and their causes, several members of the media have ... more
Luck of the drawl
A familiar Nevada voice reaches out from a TV ad and grabs you by the throat: “People ask me why, after 30 years in Las ... more
The IntersectionBotox Blues
So many things could come to mind when someone is about to stick a needle into your face to purposefully partially paralyze you. Among them, ... more
The IntersectionLights, Camera … Inaction
Film companies, when they decide to shoot on location, used to be guided by the quality of location. This has always been, it would seem, ... more
The Help Desk
Michael Phelps parties with strippers at the Palms. His behavior was so scandalous, he’s already considered the front-runner for governor in 2010. Judge Elizabeth Halverson ... more
The IntersectionRisky business
In both his private practice and as general counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, attorney Allen Lichtenstein has been fighting for the ... more
The IntersectionRose-colored glasses
n Minneapolis last week, as Sarah Palin introduced herself to the world, the 44-year-old governor of Alaska talked about her small-town values, and her life ... more
The IntersectionThe Juice is … been there, done that
What is now going on at the Regional Justice Center is really just an echo from the trial of the century. The police and the ... more
The IntersectionPlaying nice
It was billed as a roast of Oscar Goodman—which sounded like it would involve a parade of foul-mouthed comedians taking the podium and really cutting ... more
The IntersectionMonk business
Dressed in monks’ robes, with appropriately shaved heads, the half-dozen men acted more like tourists than religious figures about to perform a sacred ceremony. Or, ... more


NightlifeEyes on the prize: AMG’s manifest destiny
Angel Music Group is no more—at least in the U.S. The group that administers the Godskitchen brand Wednesdays at Body English and lends its creative ... more
NightlifeTwentieth time’s a charm
Plan B—it’s what you do when Plan A fails. No, we’re not referring to the morning-after pill, but the relatively new afterhours at Scores Las ... more
NightlifeOn Planet Perfecto
We’re not in Vegas anymore, Toto. Hell, we’re not even on this planet. Rain nightclub slipped the surly bonds of Earth around 11:30 p.m.—aided in ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentTaking a step up
To say that the architecture of the UNLV campus is frequently ugly… betrays the lack of care that appears to have gone into making a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentStreet gospel
The Biscuit Street Preacher, aka Robby Martin, had to start his young life over many times, so reinvention comes easily, hence the pseudonym. more
Arts and EntertainmentFlights of fancy
Maybe there’s something unseemly about admiring, first and foremost, the colorful prose in a book whose subject matter is 9/11. more
“We have some planes …”
United 93 (2006): Paul Greengrass’ excruciatingly realistic re-creation of the events on the titular flight, which crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside on 9/11, is very ... more


ScreenFeel the “Burn”
In the twisted but strangely sensible logic of brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, the perfect way to follow up an intense, brutal, Oscar-winning psychological thriller ... more
ScreenFrozen River
There are few films quite as oppressively bleak as Frozen River. We follow a single mother, Ray (Leo), whose husband has just robbed her blind ... more
ScreenModern “Women”
George Cukor’s 1939 film version of Clare Boothe Luce’s play The Women is a magnificent piece of cinema, but it’s a movie very much of ... more

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Steele yourself
TasteSeafood paella Velazquez is surprisingly good, even if it does take a full 20 minutes to arrive. The rice is moist and chock-full of shellfish and chorizo. Cuban bites are like sliders in the form of three pint-sized Cuban sandwiches.




CD Cover The Sound of Animals Fighting
Shed of numerous auxiliary members yet still shrouded within their Kiss-like alter-egos (the Nightingale, the Walrus, the Lynx and the Skunk), the side project of one former and two current ...
CD Cover Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson
After drifting away from her roots on 2006’s Carnival, Australian alt-country singer Kasey Chambers returns to basics on Rattlin’ Bones, a collaboration with her husband, singer-songwriter Shane Nicholson.
CD Cover Okkervil River
Okkervil River has become a supremely self-assured live act, in no small part because frontman Will Sheff has shed his tentative vocal delivery—a trait which often made the Austin band’s ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Sep 4, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Cocktail Tree

“Share and share alike”; “Do unto others…” (yeah, those old chestnuts). But when sublime cocktails are at hand (or in hand), a little goodwill can go a long way. While ...