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Best in PrintThe Curator of the Erotic
She went from a Lutheran school in a small Texas town to director of a sex-based museum in Las Vegas, but Dr. Laura Henkel has no regrets read article
Best in PrintCan’t smile without you
A homeless woman, a nervous do-gooder and a guiding star: a Vegas story like no other (and like every other) read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionRebel Recycler
It was the year after graduation, and Tara Pike was driving her go-kart against the wind, pulling a giant bin filled with a day’s worth ... more
The IntersectionLowden Clear
Come November 4, we’ll know whether Nevada Republican Party chair Sue Lowden is Nero, sitting idly by as the empire burns, or the political version ... more
The IntersectionThe best bet
By now you’ve probably heard so much about how John McCain and Barack Obama will restore our faith in government and have seen enough hit ... more
The “thanks but no thanks” newspaper insert of the week
Imagine our surprise when we opened our Sunday Review-Journal to find a free DVD bundled in. And imagine our even greater surprise when we popped ... more
The IntersectionBad frogs
Clawed frogs—they may be the world’s only interesting-sounding amphibian. But they’re also illegal in Nevada—they jack up the ecosystem—and last week state game wardens fined ... more
Star Blight(1 comment)
I was pushing my editor at a major newspaper hard last week to let me do a piece on Donny and Marie Osmond’s surprising resurgence ... more


NightlifeHave a gay ‘ol time
With adolescent awkwardness and popularity contests out of the way, it’s time to give prom (yet) another chance. The Fourth Annual Vegas Prom is on ... more
NightlifeRelax, Comrade
I’ve never known much about Russian culture. In college, our studies focused almost exclusively on Europe, so most of what I know about the former ... more
NightlifeSo fresh and so clean
When Lavo’s imminent arrival was in doubt—thanks to construction delays caused by lawsuits and their ensuing appeals—I wondered if all was lost. It was probably ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentA band grows in Brooklyn
Caleb Lindskoog and his band The Silver State pause after their first song last Friday night at the Beauty Bar. A Republic Services garbage truck ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWorld-beat hoedown
Outside the Beauty Bar on Saturday night, two young women in black-and-white shirts and black berets smoked cigarettes like a pair of striped bookends. more
Arts and EntertainmentRabbit hunting
As the ridiculously tall and lanky Andrew Karasa sits behind his drum kit, something seems out of place. more
Arts and EntertainmentFour questions with The Dwarves lead singer Blag Dahlia
“You know, we enjoy it, and we do it really well because we’re older and we come from a period where punk rock was a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRighteous anger
Graham Greene called them “entertainments.” Ian McEwan says his own brief books are “one-sitting reads.” Neither term, however, conveys the swift, jagged density Philip Roth ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe long haul
Philip Roth may have roared onto the American literary scene on the back of the sexual revolution, but all the exuberant carnality of his early ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTickling the ivories
We Las Vegans know that Liberace is still with us—his exuberant personality is writ large in the soul of the city. This Sunday it gets ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSipping into something comfortable
He’s here, like, always. Yet Kevin Downey Jr. brings something new to the table—or rather, to the bar top—every time. more


ScreenDifficult questions
Race in America is such an inherently combustible subject that Hollywood rarely goes anywhere near it without using comedy as a skittish safety net. Which ... more
There’s a kind of weird perversion behind the love story at the center of Keith. That love conquers all hardly removes the acrid taste of ... more
The horror and family genres make an uneasy combo. The trouble is that the middle ground between the two is very narrow, and the results ... more
ScreenGhost Town
Ricky Gervais makes a serious play for Jim Carrey-level stardom in Ghost Town, a resolutely mainstream comedy that just barely gets by on Gervais’ sarcastic ... more
ScreenYeah, we’re lookin’ at you—both of you
So let’s start with Heat. 1995. Michael Mann’s mammoth crime drama revolves around the meaty existential showdown between two men. more

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Waistbands beware
TasteTransplants love to bring their native comfort foods with them, as witnessed by the proliferation of restaurants in this Valley from places such as Hawaii and Chicago. I can say that in general, most of them are shadowy approximations of the originals, Xeroxed Xerox copies without a soul, poseurs with …




CD Cover James
In America, most considered James a whimsical Brit-pop act, thanks to the ubiquity of 1993’s coyly sexual “Laid.”
CD Cover Jessica Simpson
There are many reasons Jessica Simpson failed at pop music: Her song choices were laughable, her voice was unremarkable, and she didn’t have even a sniff of charisma. Shockingly, “goin’ ...
CD Cover Metallica
Metallica’s last album, 2003’s St. Anger, with its raw, messy, unfocused songs and dingy production, was like group therapy on CD, and spoke to the personal demons that the band ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Sep 18, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Oktoberfest Beer

Why wait till October? Oktoberfest—only one of the biggest parties on the planet (German-speaking and otherwise)—kicked off on Saturday, September 13 with a little help from our friends Siegfried and ...