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Best in PrintYou have to keep making things happen
From gallery owners to administrators to artists, strong women are keeping the arts scene vital read article
Best in PrintTouring the educational corridor
Charter schools and alternative approaches attempt to redefine education in West Las Vegas read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionElectile dysfunction
Florida in 2000 gave us hanging chads and butterfly ballots. Ohio in 2004 set precedents for voter intimidation and massive disenfranchisement (350,000 missing or purged names). more
The IntersectionThe fine art of political ads
Congressman Jon Porter’s ad on his energy policies starts off with the bespectacled candidate for re-election standing in front of long rows of solar panels ... more
The IntersectionBringing back poetry
When poet Rosa Mendoza took the mic, the place went wild. It was time to build bridges, connect the community, express feelings. The kind of ... more
Tiny little rant: Ben Stein on banking oversight
Recently, on CBS’ Sunday Morning, Ben Stein called for greater oversight of the banking business. When a conservative like Stein demands more government regulation, the ... more
He Dunne it
As recently as 10 days ago, I was just like most of you out there. I had absolutely, positively, 100 percent no interest in whatever ... more
The IntersectionAmerica’s got … Paris?
This is, after all, the reality TV era. If, like Brooke Hogan, you’re the daughter of a famous person, you get your own TV show. ... more
The IntersectionNo flip-flops
Sunday morning and the sun is on low boil. An inordinate number of flies annoyingly hover near the entrance of the Sunrise Library. Outside, a ... more


NightlifeUn-poetic justice
It’s not often that the nightclub-going public receives an invitation from a nightclub’s owner to contact the NAACP, ACORN (a community organization addressing the needs ... more
Nightlife industry, we be illin’
Your mother was right. You look tired, and you need to eat something. It’s about time the nightlife industry started taking better care itself—LVW’s Team ... more
NightlifeLady love-in(1 comment)
Maybe it was stolen, like Deanna’s purse at Seamless afterhours. Or maybe I “gave it up” like one does one’s virginity … and forgot about ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentWorldwide local tour(5 comments)
Juiced by receptive crowds at First Friday performances in February, the West Las Vegas rapper set his sights on large bars and casino showrooms. Most ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRiding the wave (again)
Kevin and Scott Leonard seem like pretty normal guys on the surface—family men, brothers, bandmates for most of their lives. But as they sit inside ... more
Arts and EntertainmentJudging the judges
There are three new judge shows premiering in syndication this season, all of them hosted by no-nonsense women, all of them following the well-worn format ... more
Here come de judge
David Mamet’s great courtroom drama [The Verdict (1982)] has one of cinema’s most corrupt magistrates [Judge Milo O’Shea], who, in the middle of a high-stakes ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWhy I can’t stand Judge Judy(1 comment)
When she gets home early enough, my wife watches Judge Judy, and it always drives me from the room. more
Arts and EntertainmentSwap a lot
On a sunny afternoon, stroll down the dusty aisles filled with puppies and parrots and boots and bikes and soccer balls and strawberries, feel the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAtmospheric
“Have you ever chewed on a rubber band?” Sean Daley asks me over the phone. I realize, to my own surprise, that I actually have ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDuel citizens(2 comments)
It’s 5 p.m. inside the Water Street Gallery on a Third Thursday in August, and Henderson artist Chris Waters is making final preparations on one ... more


Pretty young Jasira Maroun (Bishil) attracts attention wherever she goes. And when her mother’s boyfriend starts paying the 13-year-old inappropriate attention, jealous mother Gail (Maria ... more
ScreenThree questions with “Choke” director Clark Gregg
I started out by kind of trying to just do the world’s most faithful adaptation of a book I already loved, despite the fact that ... more
ScreenAn uphill battle in “Miracle at St. Anna”
Entering a theater showing a Spike Lee Joint demands a certain amount of faith and stubborn optimism, in that you never know which Spike showed ... more
ScreenEagle Eye(1 comment)
Apparently in just four short months we’ll have a government surveillance system so extensive that it is linked up to literally every electronic device in ... more
ScreenChoke” mixes sleaze and sweetness
Fans of kinky sex, weird urban legends and mild blasphemy will get their fill, but underneath all that seediness is a story that turns out ... more
ScreenTell No One
On the eighth anniversary of his wife’s murder near a secluded lake, pediatrician Alex Beck (Cluzet) receives an anonymous e-mail with a seemingly present-day video ... more
ScreenNights in Rodanthe
Unfaithfulco-stars Gere and Lane re-team for this adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel about two troubled souls who spend a weekend alone in a North ... more
ScreenThe Lucky Ones
Just what is it about the current war, you have to wonder, that inspires such painfully mediocre movies? more

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Small wonder
TasteMy first reaction to Raku, a Japanese pub restaurant on the western edge of Spring Mountain’s Chinatown, may have been undeservedly restrained.




CD Cover Plain White T's
Seems like a lifetime’s passed since the Jason Schwartzman-bolstered Phantom Planet struck gold with starry-eyed O.C. theme song “California.”
CD Cover Kings of Leon
Fans of the four Followills—brothers Caleb, Jared and Nathan and cousin Matthew—who constitute Kings of Leon should welcome with open arms the band’s fourth album, Only by the Night, a ...
CD Cover Ne-Yo
Before he broke out as an R&B crooner, a dandified celebrity in his own right, Las Vegas product Ne-Yo wrote hits for the Beyoncés and Whitneys and Célines of the ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Sep 25, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Hart Attack

Almost as frightening as the idea of motocross legend Carey Hart’s first aerial backflip attempt is the Wasted Space owner’s favorite drink. Named after that now-famous and now-standard motocross move, ...