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Best in Print50 things you’d better be grateful for
Just like the pilgrims, we’re grateful that, in troubled times, we have great sushi, hybrid cars, Steve ... read article
Best in PrintSex*, gin, Sin City
A tale of two cocktails (*The mention of sex is gratuitous. This is really just a story ... read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionGambling on gambling
Las Vegas, like Detroit, is a one-industry town. And, like Detroit’s, our industry is in deep trouble. more
The IntersectionThe wages of Sin (City)
A few weeks ago, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons—who heretofore has opposed even a whiff of a tax increase, even when facing a tsunami of financial ... more
Leaping into the abyss
’Tis the season to cringe at our collective budgets. But who knows how it will all break down? more
Suggestion box: Make conservation sacred. Or sacrilegous.
A tiny town in Spain successfully managed to place solar panels on the only land available—atop mausoleums in the town’s cemetery. That’s how much conservation ... more
The Intersection18 is enough(1 comment)
Oh God, will this laptop keyboard spontaneously combust if I even type such shameful, forbidden words?—lower the legal age for casino play to 18. more


NightlifeDress for sex
Observing the partygoers like a bird, I note the high level of networking aggression and laser-focused ambition in the room, in stark contrast to the ... more
NightlifeMustafa “Moose Diesel” Abdi
The reigning heavyweight champion of the Strip, Moose-o-Libre is Diablo’s mascot and “mood director,” who—along with his band of merry go-go shot girls—keeps the party ... more
NightlifePraise for gay Paris!
This week, Team Hangover salutes the Paris, which boast a “gay-friendly staff,” for creating the “What You Krave” package for same-sex couples staying at their hotel. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentAll too human
By no means is Brandon Flowers the first misunderstood poet in rock: Multitudinous are the fans who think Jimi Hendrix was singing “’Scuse me while ... more
Beane leaves Onyx
Citing a need to keep building momentum with his Insurgo Theater Movement company, Insurgo Artistic Director John Beane has resigned as manager of the Onyx Theatre. more
Arts and EntertainmentTaking a chill swill
I was about to attend a birthday party with 15 preschoolers dancing to hula music; and my hapless Broncos were losing to the even more ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPhantom: surviving and thriving on the Strip
Panic was in the air when Phantom—The Las Vegas Spectacular first raised its curtain at the Venetian in June 2006. Producers were understandably nervous about ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTo a T
The key has something to do with obscurity—flaunting your command of segments of popular culture that only the hyper-clued-in know about or remember. But it’s ... more
Arts and EntertainmentArt abbey
Hold on to your paper party hats, because when the new year arrives, the moribund Neonopolis promises to spring to life with the addition of ... more


ScreenA continent-sized failure
Luhrmann has apparently concluded that nothing short of an entire continent can contain his go-large extravagance at this point. Thus, Australia, a three-hour epic that ... more
ScreenLet the Right One In
Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In arrives on a tide of positive film-festival buzz as the movie that unites horror fans and high-minded cinephiles. more
ScreenFour Christmases
If not for the first-class cast, Four Christmases would be the equivalent of getting socks for Christmas. more
ScreenAshes of Time Redux
Six years before Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon introduced wuxia (the Chinese chivalry/swordplay genre) to a large American audience, Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai set out ... more
ScreenThe Dukes
Veteran character actor Robert Davi co-writes, produces, directs and stars in this meager, low-key dramedy about a pair of washed-up doo-wop singers (Davi, Palminteri) who ... more
Dalton Trumbo had everything: a family, a successful career and money. All it took was the question, “Are you now, or have you ever been, ... more
ScreenTransporter 3
If you’re looking for effective over-the-top fight scenes, Transporter 3 won’t disappoint. Jason Statham is arguably the most charismatic current Hollywood action hero. more
ScreenCutting to the chase
The opening of Transporter 3 has us thinking about great chase scenes. After a rigorous screening process, the staff of Las Vegas Weekly (and one ... more

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Cauldron creations
TasteIt’s been long reported, and oft lamented, that the state of authentic Mexican cuisine isn’t sufficiently robust in our town. Last year, I toured northeast Las Vegas in search of one great Mexican dinner, and failed in my quest.




CD Cover Kanye West
“I’m the only thing I’m afraid of,” Kanye West sings on the Young Jeezy-assisted track “Amazing,” off of his new album 808s & Heartbreak.
CD Cover Mother McKenzie
The latest self-recorded effort from Vegas wunderkind Wyatt McKenzie again demonstrates his impossibly advanced musical abilities: storytelling, composition, instrumental dexterity.
CD Cover All too human
By no means is Brandon Flowers the first misunderstood poet in rock: Multitudinous are the fans who think Jimi Hendrix was singing “’Scuse me while I kiss this guy” in ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Nov 26, 2008
by Xania Woodman

 Cragganmore 12 & Macallan Fine Oak 21

“Yes, we can!” We can drink Scotch with Thanksgiving dinner. Jono Moratis, vice president and beverage director for the Glazier Group, which owns and operates Strip House, weighed in on ...