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Best in PrintBridge over troubled times
Southern Nevada’s most impressive engineering project spans more than a river read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionReal magic(7 comments)
Forget for a moment whether the white tiger on the stage really was Montecore. I did. It was the only way to take in one ... more
Wad up the state constitution and whip out a fresh sheet of paper, something’s not right about Nevada. more
Tiny Little Rant: Taxes are worse than death
Death and taxes—which is worse? At least death offers a certain finality. Taxes involve endless paperwork and jawboning by politicians. more
The Help Desk
Criss Angel splits with Holly Madison after four months. It happened when she realized she was Holly Madison, and that she was dating Criss Angel. ... more
The Intersection‘We would be in a show for old bags to get that feeling again’
It looked like a high-school reunion, except everyone was way too good-looking. “No one here has aged,” said one attendee. more
Adventures in debt reduction
“This is Jane with Credit Contact at 866-213-7580. I’m calling about your high credit-card balances.” I get these damn calls all the time. more


NightlifeDon Julio 1942 Cadillac
For the Cadillac of margs, Isla’s Tequila Goddess (long may she reign) selected the Cadillac of tequilas to delight tequila connoisseurs with an affordable indulgence. more
Swag bag confidential
According to the IRS, the presenters at the 81st annual Academy Awards last Sunday, though donating their time and image, and despite being handed their ... more
NightlifeLet’s hear it for the boy
He might not use six turntables or have a lady assist him in the booth when he plays the sample “Scratch With Your Titty” anymore, ... more
NightlifeSpeaking of Ken Hall and legends
Here comes the Nightclub & Bar Show and that means here comes the 11th annual Legends of Bartending Competition, called the “Superbowl of bartending.” more
NightlifeA dalliance with suburbia
Sweet, sweet suburbia, how I’ve missed you. That’s what I thought as I pulled open the giant letter “V” on the door of Vintner Grill. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentBack to the past
Ashes to Ashes, like Life on Mars, follows a modern police detective who appears to be inexplicably sent to the past after a traumatic event. more
Arts and EntertainmentStep into “Yo Mama”
Yo Mama is a thought-provoking bear hug of a show enveloping us in its big, beautiful vagina. more
Arts and EntertainmentMore than three questions with Les Claypool
“We had an incredibly drunken evening with some Polish friends of mine, and the next morning we were supposed to go in the studio and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentVon Iva
Clattering, all-girl, Bay Area-bred electro-soul (once upon a time, folks called it disco). more
Arts and EntertainmentHey, you got your book in my movie
The Black Mountain Institute’s series of occasional lectures becomes a partnership with local festival CineVegas for “Books Into Film: How Novels Become Movies.” more
Arts and EntertainmentLessons from a madam
Pop quiz: What time of the week is busiest for a call-girl agency? According to Ma-Ling Lee, author of The Education of a Very Young ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOne strange Sidekick
In February 2005, when a million Internet voyeurs were poring over the contents of Paris Hilton’s hacked Sidekick, one name piqued the attention of Hollywood ... more
Arts and EntertainmentIt’s a crime
Every time a bookstore closes, a broker in bundled subprime derivatives should be tossed from the roof of a government-rescued bank. more
Dirt!” Headed to Vegas!!
Dirt! is in the tradition of recent eco-documentaries like Flow and King Corn, turning a critical eye on an element of nature to which most ... more
Arts and EntertainmentCulture Crash
Apart from the staff of the Weekly, which came to tour through the Las Vegas Art Museum last Thursday, there were not many other visitors. ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Bard, bite-sized
At a press conference Tuesday, Mayor Oscar Goodman praised “A Taste of Shakespeare”—a new venture from the Las Vegas Playhouse and Springs Preserve presenting 15-minute ... more
Arts and EntertainmentShutdown—or is it?
As live music lulls young Hayden and Cadence Schropp to sleep, their father expresses his desperate desire that their first live show at Canvas Cafe ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLife on the Farm
Heading down to the Farm on a Friday night, I had never felt so alone. It’s a long story, really. more


ScreenAn empty spectacle
In adapting Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ landmark 1986 graphic novel Watchmen (considered by many to be the medium’s greatest achievement) to film, director Zack ... more
ScreenThe Vegas Watchmen
Nite Owl’s defining characteristics: Geeky, gadget-dependent, needs persona to connect with women. Closest local equivalent: Criss Angel more
ScreenTwo Lovers
Suicidally depressed after a broken engagement, Leonard Kraditor (Phoenix) finds himself torn between the titular beauties, feelin’ like a fool. more

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If it’s good enough for Beard …
TasteSushiSamba is starting its birthday celebration early this year with a 10-month countdown to the 10th anniversary of its first location on Park Avenue in New York City.
Staying in character(s)
TasteMost of my Chinese friends have one drop-dead criterion for eating in a Chinese restaurant: The menu must have some of the dishes written in Chinese characters.
Scouting for yumminess
TasteIt’s time once again to support the future of America by buying deliciously fattening cookies from troops of Girl Scouts.




CD Cover Neko Case
Neko Case could have played it safe. Her lustrous voice and bewitching stage presence made her the unquestioned queen of the twang-rock scene, and she could have carved out a ...
CD Cover Grandmaster Flash
Many hip-hop fans don’t know how the genre was born, how Grandmaster Flash made hip-hop into an art form by smoothing out the sound and manipulating records by putting his ...
CD Cover Von Iva
Clattering, all-girl, Bay Area-bred electro-soul (once upon a time, folks called it disco).

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Mar 5, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Ty Ku Sake

Ty Ku debuted its sleek new, high-end white sake, as well as the already popular black sake, to an eager, select few at last week’s Sake Sessions in the Koi ...