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Best in PrintMinister of comedy
Terry Fator talks about his religious upbringing, an overbearing father and the power of laughter read article
Best in PrintStripmuse
For some artist transplants, Las Vegas provides as much inspiration as it does frustration read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionCrime-fighting pays
We encourage our prosecutors to try cases,” says Clark County District Attorney David Roger. “We believe that in order to move 60,000 cases through the ... more
The Help Desk
Rep. Shelley Berkley tells her colleagues: “Stop bashing Las Vegas.” IShe added, “Let’s pick on cities that can’t fight back—like Detroit!” Las Vegas unemployment hits ... more
Amen Corner: DUI-ers should be thumb-lopped(1 comment)
Let’s face it: The penalty system in this country for drunk drivers is a goddamn joke. more
The IntersectionThe short goodbye
Jeff Beacher, showman and icon of Vegas success as excess, held a “farewell” party as a host at Tao recently. As with most things Beacher, ... more
The IntersectionM is for Minutiae
For the nearly 30 years Walt, an 83-year-old retired doctor, and Terry, a 65-year-old travel agent, have lived in Vegas, they’ve had a charming tradition: ... more
The IntersectionWho’s cool now?(5 comments)
Most girls in my high school knew me only as “magic boy.” I never dated any of them. more


NightlifeWee hours, demystified(1 comment)
Figuring out which day of the week an afterhours event falls on can be a bit tricky, but at least the music is good. more
NightlifeHaunted house?(2 comments)
Is it cursed? Haunted? Despite multiple reincarnations, 5285 Dean Martin Drive hasn’t been able to hold its own as, well … anything. more
NightlifePitch perfect(1 comment)
The next time you kick back in your poolside cabana, sink into the shade or perhaps toast in the sun, sucking down a slowly melting, ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentOcean of glass
Modern and contemporary architecture is in large part defined by its generous use of glass. more
Arts and EntertainmentRock, with benefits
Filthy is already here, in the form of a stripper wearing nothing but strips of black lace. She’s chatting with rock fans she’ll soon invite ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOver the top
If you spend a lot of time in coffee shops and a lot of time in strip clubs, the idea of combining the two might ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFallon down
Jimmy Fallon’s first week as the new host of Late Night (NBC, weeknights, 12:35 a.m.) was not exactly promising. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe decline of the late-night talk-show host
From Johnny Carson to Pat Sajak, a visual representation of late night devolution. more
Arts and EntertainmentDana Vermette as The Fountain in The Living Garden
That water that pours from her character’s fingertips? “It’s cold!” more
Arts and EntertainmentDrink and be merry … and maybe eat, too
St. Patrick’s Day provides an excuse for anyone to pretend they’re a son of Erin. And down a lot of beer. more
Arts and EntertainmentZombie burlesque!(1 comment)
Of all the things that phrase could denote—a new album by The Vermin; a chapbook by a desperately hip poet; a display of mildly taboo ... more
Three questions about the American Dream(1 comment)
David Kamp traces the evolution of the American Dream and how it became the twisted pursuit of excess that appears to be the reigning interpretation ... more
Arts and Entertainment20 visiting and local bands to catch at Neon Reverb
From March 12 - 15 Neon Reverb is leading a caravan of around 100 local and national acts into downtown Las Vegas. Sort through the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with Joe Kendall from Las Vegas Club
“I bought this tie at Savers that said “Las Vegas Club” on it. I was young, and I didn’t know that there was a casino ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with Eric Elbogen from Say Hi
“It was interesting for me to try to write a song about a science-fiction theme or a horror theme … But my head is definitely ... more


ScreenThe Last House on the Left
Wes Craven’s 1972 debut feature The Last House on the Left was a scuzzy exploitation film that gained notoriety on the drive-in circuit and became ... more
ScreenThe Casino Job(2 comments)
The Casino Job manages to make even watching naked strippers in a hot tub a laborious experience. more

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Carpe Deia!
TasteMan cannot live by tapas alone, newly evidenced by Café Deia, which serves an eclectic combination of French, Spanish and just plain made-up fare, most of it delicious.




CD Cover Neko Case
Neko Case could have played it safe. Her lustrous voice and bewitching stage presence made her the unquestioned queen of the twang-rock scene, and she could have carved out a ...
CD Cover Grandmaster Flash
Many hip-hop fans don’t know how the genre was born, how Grandmaster Flash made hip-hop into an art form by smoothing out the sound and manipulating records by putting his ...
CD Cover Von Iva
Clattering, all-girl, Bay Area-bred electro-soul (once upon a time, folks called it disco).

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Mar 12, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The “C” Spot

Designed to be enjoyed poolside, the “C” Spot has, in the maraschino cherry ice sphere, a built-in method of staying cool that does not dilute the tart cocktail as it ...