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Best in PrintBikini Bailout
As the economy drives more people to audition for a few pool party jobs, our writer braves ... read article
Best in PrintThe Gamblers
Art stars Dave Hickey and Libby Lumpkin bet big on Las Vegas’s potential as an international art ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionPrescription for confusion(1 comment)
Images flash across the screen in the auditorium at Spring Valley High School: Heath Ledger, Jimi Hendrix, Dana Plato, Len Bias, Judy Garland—people who died ... more
Losers’ Las Vegas
I’m a loser. I lose things. All the time. So far today alone I misplaced one of the dog’s leashes, my wallet and my wedding ... more
Pinching pennies
Here’s the good news. One: The federal government’s economic stimulus bill, the $789 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, includes $50 million in funding for ... more
Suggestion Box: Cash or credit
We couldn’t help but be a little puzzled when we heard that a Toronto businessman wanted for $12.9 million in gambling debts was able to ... more
The Help Desk
83-year-old fugitive arrested in Las Vegas. Authorities were able to track him down using the AARP newsletter. Man attacked by swarm of bees in Las ... more


Eastern promises
Who could have foreseen that what began as a simple French patisserie in a quiet West Sahara strip mall would become a unique gem in ... more
NightlifePop Quiz, Hot Shot
What was the most shocking aspect of porn star Sasha Grey’s 21st-birthday bash at Tao? more
NightlifeQ & A with Sharam of Deep Dish
Sharam and friends will descend on Rain this weekend to promote his new album Get Wild. We’re guessing that’s exactly what he’ll do. more
NightlifePearly Gates—Sweet speed demon
“If I didn’t have roller derby in my life, it would be really empty.” more
DeLuca Liquor & Wine, Ltd. is now Wirtz Beverage Group
The name of wholesale distributors DeLuca Liquor & Wine, Ltd. will soon be no more. more
NightlifeAnd then I lost to two pre-Madonnas
I’m not sure what possessed me to offer my head up for the chopping block, but I did it. As soon as I saw the ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentQ&A with Cashetta the drag magician
I always say, just so people have a reference point, I am a cross between Dolly Parton and Bette Midler and David Copperfield. If the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSalute your shorts
La Jetée is one heady trip. A 30-minute short film made by Chris Marker in 1962, it tells a story of apocalypse, time travel, love ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWaxy Goodman
As if one weren’t enough. As if he needed the ego boost. As if wax Don Corleone and wax Bugsy Siegel weren’t enough to fill ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHighway to hell
With Pete Doherty’s new album just out, what better time to consider his place among the musical pantheon of misconduct? more
Arts and EntertainmentMad about … Drew?!
He might be one of America’s most beloved comedians and game-show hosts, but at the M Resort race and sports book, Drew Carey is a ... more
Those KVVU Fox news promos …
First, I give you guys credit for trying something different and—dare I say it?—fun with your “behind the scenes” news-team promos. more
Arts and EntertainmentYou know, for kids
I realize that the music is marketed to hyperactive 9-year-olds, but I’ve been rocking new station Kydz Radio (KYDZ 1140-AM) pretty regularly in the last ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat’s up, Doc?
Dr. Drew needs an intervention, and he needs one now. Everywhere he looks, he sees screwed-up celebrities. Or MySpace wannabe superstars who model their behavior ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLove and parties
Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas returns to TV with two new shows in two weeks, both of which should at least partially please the rabid ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRiding a wave
The annual South by Southwest music festival often pairs unorthodox venues with incongruous showcases—which explains why The Day After is playing in the back of ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDancing in the streets
Electronic bible singled out last Friday’s Terrorbird/True Panther/Badical Beats party—featuring a live set by Afghan Raiders—as one of eight suggested South by Southwest events. more
Arts and Entertainment‘Meedlah?’ and other thoughts
If I were black, I’d want Larry Wilmore to be my black leader. more
Arts and EntertainmentUnexpected soul
I awoke one morning to discover my cell phone missing. I dialed the number from my home phone, and, to my relief, a man named ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSam’s Strip: The Comic About Comics
How on earth did Sam’s Strip, created by Mort Walker and his then-Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois partner Jerry Dumas, fail to set the ... more


ScreenMonsters vs. Aliens
Monsters vs. Aliens doesn’t have the world’s most compelling or complex story: It’s pretty much all there in the title. A nefarious alien invader decides ... more
ScreenWatchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter/Under the Hood
The animated Tales of the Black Freighter, the comic book woven throughout the storyline of the Watchmen graphic novel, is well enough re-created in all ... more

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Tacos, tequila ... sorry, lost our train of thought
TasteTacos are cheap, versatile and delicious, so there is always an audience for them, on- or off-Strip. The newest Mexican concept in town is called T&T, an acronym for tacos and tequila. Okay, get your mind out of the gutter.
Sound bites
TasteDoritos’ latest marketing effort involves branding two flavors of chips under the heading “Late Night,” with packaging that recalls neon signs in 24-hour diners. We tried both varieties during normal business hours.
Oil and popcorn do mix
Zumanity’s concession stand offers a lighter culinary concoction: truffle-oil popcorn, the perfect marriage of oil and the blank canvas of popcorn.




CD Cover Easysleeves
When Easysleeves’ debut album opens with a strange transcendental meditation, it’s tempting to ask: “What the hell? Are these guys for real? Is this, like, 1966?” The answers to the ...
CD Cover Martina McBride
It’s almost hard to believe that the Martina McBride who made Shine is the same Martina McBride who made the stellar 2005 covers album Timeless, a work steeped in traditional ...
CD Cover Mastodon
Sludgy tempos, towering stoner-lite riffs and minor-key dirges abound (think Pelican or Russian Circles), while vocalist Brent Hinds now sounds like Ozzy Osbourne with a head cold.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Mar 26, 2009
by Xania Woodman


 Almost as simple as turning off a light switch, the Ecotini shares the Hard Rock’s credo of “Save the Planet” and will be served all day and night on March ...