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MAY 21 - MAY 27
Best in PrintVegas’ Best 2009
The Weekly’s annual list of what’s really important— with a bunch of your own choices thrown in read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionTime is (not much) money(1 comment)
The good news: Las Vegans are stepping forward and offering to volunteer for the various charities around town. The bad news: Those same Las Vegans ... more
The IntersectionTen shows that you absolutely have to see (or send your visitors to see)
One show that everyone should see? I get this question a lot. I get it from Facebook friends when they’re about to visit and you ... more
The IntersectionBroken pencils
Architects across the state are trying to stay afloat. No one’s building - not offices, not hotels, not condos. more
The IntersectionIs a promise a contract?
Developer Jim Rhodes and his wife, Glynda, probably count the past couple of months as one of the worst periods in their lives. more
The Help Desk
Holly Madison joins cast of Peepshow. Or as Hugh Hefner and Criss Angel will now call it, Old Home Week. Las Vegas hosts world’s largest ... more
Amen Corner: “What happens here stays here” slogan is back!
“What happens here stays here” is being removed from the mothballs to further cement Vegas’ reputation as the Dirty Little Secret of America. more


NightlifeAM’s reign, A.M. at Rain
Oh, DJ Adam Goldstein, I’ve come to Rain nightclub to pray at the foot of your booth, to rock out and lip-sync along with whatever ... more
NightlifeDude City
It’s always nice when artists try new things. In the case of Jack E. Johnson and Grant Turner’s Dude City, however, experimentation sometimes leads them astray. more
NightlifeCheese-free music, now with less la-la?
Memorial Day weekend. Las Vegas. Famed German producer/DJ Paul van Dyk. ’Nuff said. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentA chat with Tiesto
“The Vegas crowd is always a very beautiful crowd. There’s lots of hot girls everywhere, and guys are all pimps with lots of money …” more
Arts and EntertainmentSink your teeth into some movies
The Sci Fi Center in downtown’s Commercial Center has been running its cult-movie nights for a while now, and this week comes up with a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThis class is a joke
Bonkerz offers budding stand-ups a place to get started via a six-week workshop, where aspiring comics learn to write, develop and hone a five-minute routine. more
Arts and EntertainmentMake time for the King
The artistic power of Disney meets the notoriously short attention spans of Vegas audiences: two acts and an intermission, clocking in at two and a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGo ahead, rough the passer. Please!
Hot women, clad in little more than panties, knee pads and a hard protective shell of spray-on tan. What’s not to like? more
Arts and EntertainmentDiary of a mad Greek woman
At the risk of spoilers on a 2,500-year-old play, a recap: lovesick, psychotic sorceress Medea does horrible things to help Jason capture the Golden Fleece. more
Arts and EntertainmentNo more doubts about No Doubt
At the kickoff of its first tour since 2004, pop-rock band No Doubt was in perfect form, showing no signs of atrophy from a five-year break. more
Arts and EntertainmentSearching for Little Green Men
According to the Roper Center, most Americans believe extraterrestrials have visited our planet in UFOs and that the U.S. government is covering it up. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Mapes
This is easily the dumbest disc I’ve ever heard … which the members of The Mapes will no doubt be ecstatic to read. more
Arts and EntertainmentGimme shelters
Many cities have commissioned artists to enhance bus shelters; now, it’s Las Vegas’ turn. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Day After
Stalwart local band The Day After returns from a dalliance with indie label Gotham Records to self-release its latest album, Black Heart Symphony, the first ... more


ScreenJust terminate it already
James Cameron has long since departed this lumbering sci-fi franchise, and the vision clearly went with him. What we end up with instead is two ... more
ScreenNight at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
The sequel to the midly amusing 2006 family film suffers from a common follow-up ailment, so focused on upping the stakes that it loses most ... more

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Brewing up terrific flavors at BJ's
TasteSeeing two police cars parked in front of BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse somehow gave me a real sense of comfort. After all, if cops are dining here, the food must be pretty good.




CD Cover Jarvis Cocker
After spending two-plus decades fronting reigning Brit-poppers Pulp, debonair beanpole Jarvis Cocker emerged as a solo artist in 2006.
CD Cover Eminem
Using a variety of half-crazed-sounding vocal styles and accents, Em describes drug overdoses, revenge plots, celebrity crushes and twisted sexual fantasies.
CD Cover Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band
On his 2008 self-titled “solo” album, Bright Eyes mastermind Conor Oberst (and a ragtag band of wandering indie-folk minstrels) sought out south-of-the-border trails less traveled.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week May 21, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Reggae Sunsplash

I used to cringe when my Nana would add ice cubes to her wine, but in this heat, I can’t imaging anything more refreshing. Saturday night I caught up with ...