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JULY 23 - JULY 29
Best in PrintNever-ending stories
Four missing people over 30 years, four lives with no closure. Police think a Las Vegas businessman ... read article
Best in PrintHustle and flow
The Weekly’s covert, high-risk, ridiculously serious investigation into the subject no one wants to talk about: urinal ... read article
The L-Word
(That would be ‘local.’) With more consumers buying from their own neighborhoods, corporations are getting in on ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionGive us the Juice
If O.J. Simpson is released from prison, we have a few ideas of things Las Vegas can do with him if he comes here. more
The IntersectionEncounter
At an open casting call for the upcoming reality show, it turns out the Face of Vegas doesn’t even have to be a Las Vegas resident. more
The IntersectionTiny Little Rant: Expected, but still infuriating
Three of the clinics that allegedly infected some patients with hepatitis C filed for bankruptcy this week, a move that instantly puts on hold any lawsuits. more
The IntersectionA few minutes with Lance Burton
After months of speculation that he would retire following the expiration of his contract, Burton recently announced a multiyear extension of his contract at the ... more
The Intersection‘It’s noisy, it’s terrible’
When it comes to reopening F Street, the historic center of black Las Vegas, the $70 million price tag is only part of the story. more
The Intersection400 feet of NIMBY?
Or is there something essential about Searchlight’s anti-wind-farm sentiment? more
The IntersectionFilm flam
Lottery tickets, magic tunnels, scorching heat in January and other Vegas-movie flaws. more
Ask Dead Elvis: Did film legend Carole Lombard die near here?
“I understand film legend Carole Lombard died in a plane crash near here? What were the circumstances?” more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas personal injury lawyer sentenced to five years in prison on tax evasion charges. Odds are he’ll know much more about personal injury by ... more


NightlifeConfucius say …
“A lot of people say you have to be there to feel it,” says David Christophere, aka T. Confucius of Rabbit in the Moon. “Sometimes ... more
NightlifePrive bad rap a wrap?
Planet Hollywood foots the bill; Privé is mum. So now what? more
NightlifeBunk mates(3 comments)
An illegal substance argument between a prostitot and an E-tard overheard outside the teen dance club 4427 Friday night… more
NightlifeA waste of Wasted Space? Plus the Party Awards winners
A recent renovation to Wasted Space has reconverted the lounge portion of the tiny nightclub venue back to an actual casino lounge. On an unrelated ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Baking up … cars?
How bad can things be, really, when we have not one, not two, but three cable TV series about bakers who make extremely complicated and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe real housewife of daytime TV
In a field that also includes Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks, it’s impressive to come off as the most self-absorbed woman on daytime TV, but ... more
Arts and EntertainmentYawn shop
Proving yet again that no profession cannot be made into a reality show, last week the History Channel premiered Pawn Stars (Sundays, 10 p.m.), a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPalms production
Since opening in November 2001, the Palms has never featured a regular headliner. In September 2009, that changes, with the arrival of English singer Matt Goss. more
Doctorow’s in the house
Quick, name America’s poet laureate. Those of you who knew it’s Kay Ryan will surely be on hand November 5 when she gives the opening ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSuperhero status
Comic Oasis has most everything a comic-book customer might want—killer selection, a laid-back atmosphere and a friendly staff. Now, the shop has something else to ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDope” debut
Dennis Tafoya’s Thief is a nuanced character study—with an extraordinary finish. more
Arts and EntertainmentAloha, Las Vegas
Vance Cannon left Hawaii more than 20 years ago, but his soul still resides there. And so does his art. more
Arts and EntertainmentTragic youth
With a shiny new record deal, This Romantic Tragedy is living the teenage dream. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe warehouse, revisited
Vegas’ underground music scene comes full cycle as Kid Meets Cougar, Pan de Sal and Ex Dinosaur pack fans into a storage unit. more
Arts and EntertainmentAdelitas Way
he Virgin Records debut from “local” frontman Rick DeJesus & Co. is a glammed-up, dumbed-down ode to beating the odds and living to play generic, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGabriel Iglesias: fabulously fluffy
From All That to headlining his own gigs, comedian Gabriel Igleasis has kept it fluffy and of course, funny. more
Arts and EntertainmentDefending the Bizkit
There’s Fred Durst, still standing in his vintage Adidas sneakers with the goddamn red hat on his head. more
Arts and EntertainmentOur musical embarrassments
With Limp Bizkit recently in town, we look back on the music we’re sorta ashamed to admit we once loved. more
Arts and EntertainmentBlink is back: Q&A with Mark Hoppus
Four years after going on an extended hiatus, Blink 182 had “the talk” outside of their L.A. studio. This week, the result of that talk ... more


ScreenThe Ugly Truth
At some point, somebody in Hollywood decided that all romantic comedies would involve a meeting between subject A, who is neurotic and tightly-wound, and subject ... more
ScreenHurt’s so good … until it isn’t(1 comment)
Ever since last year’s Venice Film Festival, where Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker had its world premiere, many critics have proclaimed it to be the ... more

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Searching Downtown for a Vegas classic
TasteThis is the Golden Gate (1 Fremont St.), and if it’s famous for anything besides being in business since 1906, it’s the shrimp cocktails served in parfait glasses in the back of the casino.




CD Cover Adelitas Way
he Virgin Records debut from “local” frontman Rick DeJesus & Co. is a glammed-up, dumbed-down ode to beating the odds and living to play generic, testosterone-charged Dude Rock another day.
CD Cover Daughtry
For a guy who owes his success to an over-the-top TV talent contest that’s spawned the goofy likes of William Hung, Bikini Girl and Sanjaya, Chris Daughtry sure is dour.
CD Cover Stellastarr
On Civilized, Stellastarr returns to its upbeat refrains, albeit on uneven footing.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 23, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Sao Paolo Flip and El Calor del Brasil

Sao Paolo Flip Created by Tobin Ellis, BarMagic of Las Vegas While NYC, Ireland and the UK quietly cleaned up at the Spirit Awards in New Orleans, Las Vegas not-so-quietly ...