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Best in PrintCan Anybody Be Trusted?
How the story of Tire Works, Nina Radetich and the state of Nevada adds up to a ... read article
Best in PrintFaces of Art
Eleven years ago, a group of fourth-graders created a lasting piece of art at McCarran International Airport. ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionA love note on the passing of another payphone
Stacy J. Willis responds to news that the Las Vegas City Council might remove the pay phone at Las Vegas Boulevard and Oakey because it ... more
Help Desk
Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray could face arrest after missing hearing about late child support.He’s got a good excuse—he spent all his money on storage ... more
A fine swine
Some observations by a Weekly editor who got the H1N1 vaccine this week more
The Weekly Quote Quiz
Who said it! more
Suggestion Box: Moulin Rouge
Don’t tear down the Moulin Rouge! more
Ask Dead Elvis: State flag
I am not the biggest fan of the state flag—too drab. What’s the story behind it? more
The IntersectionPainting the town
A crusade to fight graffiti becomes a city-wide arts group. more
The IntersectionThe whosits playing the whats
Professionalish football was played in Las Vegas last week! Unfortunately, most stayed home to watch “The Office.” more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
We’ve all had nights like these… more
As the worldwide web turns
Whether it’s the economy or a newfound savvy, Vegas resorts have stopped worrying and learned to love the Internet. more


NightlifeA watery grave (and cheap drinks, too)
Every time I’ve gone to Davy’s Locker, it’s been with a different guy. No, it’s not like that; they’re just friends. I originally recruited them ... more
NightlifeThe Club Vibe—friend or faux pas?
It’s just your typical Wednesday night at Body English, really… Until Xania whips out a vibrator. more
NightlifeYour face here
The massive onslaught of Halloween parties is upon us. Can’t decide which naughty something-or-other you want to be? Virtually try on costumes this year before ... more
NightlifeVanity is poised to become one of Vegas’ favorite sins(2 comments)
The Hard Rock’s new 15,000-square-foot nightclub, Vanity, is slated to open New Year’s Eve and likely to make sinning all the more stylish. more
NightlifeIt’s good to be the king (or queen)
It was a long night last Wednesday, and the end to an even longer grassroots election campaign for the Las Vegas Prom’s 2009 prom-court nominees. ... more
NightlifeCaffeinated Comparisons(2 comments)
It’s a Friday night. You just got off a 60-hour work week. You’re in Vegas, and you gotta party! But sleep is beckoning … So ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentSimon says: Flee the hoochie-bots!
Simon Doonan is no puritan, but the creative director of Barneys New York for more than 20 years wants Vegas ladies to ditch the super-tramp ... more
Arts and EntertainmentExploring the mind-body connection
When artist Marylou Evans started speaking about her work she began with a ghost story. She told a tale from her childhood: the night the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTattoo U.: LV Ink offers hopeful artists a chance to start needling
Lemons, pig ears and then human flesh - the journey of aspiring tattoo artists. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhy you’re fat
Scott Dickensheets and turducken have a little in common. more
A short take on short films
With CineVegas out of the picture, we need events like the Las Vegas Latino Short Film Festival more than ever. more
Arts and EntertainmentLe Reve
Le Rêve, against the odds, is a show with a distinctive quality—more than Cirque minus the corporate brand. more
Arts and EntertainmentMatt Goss and Zowie Bowie try to breathe new life into a Vegas oldie—with mixed results
Matt Goss and Zowie Bowie are trying to reinvent and revive lounge for Las Vegas. Neither is a total pioneer. more
Arts and EntertainmentVentriloquist Jeff Dunham: King of Comedy Central (6 comments)
Jeff Dunham’s ascension marks a triumph of thoughtless, pandering mediocrity, and we have no one to blame for it but ourselves. more
Arts and EntertainmentReady to Rumble? The Mad Caps were, but where was everyone else?
“The good thing about those bright lights onstage is you can’t see anything. You can pretend there’s a big crowd.” more
Arts and EntertainmentLadies first: Female rappers, Las Vegas and breaking through
Ms. Undastood and Lady L.U.S.T. hope to empower female emcees. more
Arts and EntertainmentWe waited for you: Moby returns to Vegas(1 comment)
The soft-yet-outspoken electronic-music icon returns on tour in support of his new album, Wait for Me, which he welcomes you to steal if you have to. more
Arts and EntertainmentMission of Burma
It’s time someone said it: Mission of Burma’s reunion phase has eclipsed the band’s original era. more
Arts and EntertainmentKiss
I know, it’s hard to believe, but Kiss’ latest collection of original material sticks successfully to the basics, essentially ignoring the last 25 years of ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAir
Love 2 has no focus; its songs are shapeless and meandering. more
Arts and EntertainmentObjects telling stories
Explore the endless possibilities of synthesizing graphic design and text. more


ScreenWhere the emo things are
Spike Jonze turns a children’s classic into a twee indie-rock lyric. more
ScreenCapturing childhood on film
The studio wanted a children’s movie; Spike Jonze wanted to make a film about childhood. more
ScreenLaw Abiding Citizen(2 comments)
The least the filmmakers could have done is given Law Abiding Citizen more than a few seconds of thought. more
ScreenThe Stepfather(1 comment)
The 1987’s low-budget sleeper The Stepfather has long been championed as an uncommonly intelligent thriller, though it’d really be more accurate to call it primo schlock. more
ScreenThe Boys are Back
Minor conflicts arise, but The Boys Are Back is so uneventful that it often seems like we’re watching Joe parent in real time. more
ScreenKaren O and the Kids
It’s moody stuff, subtle in its shifts, and deceptively untamed. more

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Diner done right
TasteThe time machine is in full effect at Shari’s Diner where half-pound burgers come stacked with colorful veggies and alongside terrific potatoes. Someone e-mail Guy Fieri. Oh wait, they already have.




CD Cover Karen O and the Kids
It’s moody stuff, subtle in its shifts, and deceptively untamed.
CD Cover Mission of Burma
It’s time someone said it: Mission of Burma’s reunion phase has eclipsed the band’s original era.
CD Cover Kiss
I know, it’s hard to believe, but Kiss’ latest collection of original material sticks successfully to the basics, essentially ignoring the last 25 years of musical history and just rocking ...

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Cocktail of the Week Oct 15, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Purista Cocktail Mixes

Purista Mojito Add 6-8 mint leaves to a glass. Squeeze 1 lime wedge and drop into glass. Fill glass with ice. Add equal parts Purista Mojito and premium white rum to fill ...