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Best in PrintFun death facts
Several interns were killed in the making of this list read article
Best in PrintDeath’s answer man
The spokesman for the Valley’s largest mortuary talks about cremation, neckties and his first embalming experience read article
Best in PrintSympathy for the skeezy
A pickup artists’ “super-conference” reveals that most guys aren’t out to get laid—they’re just trying to fit in read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionOscar’s Pole
This story is about a steel pole. It was supposed to be an inside joke, a dick joke actually, between Mayor Oscar Goodman and Raymond ... more
The IntersectionThe dog days of Dora To
For animal-rights activists, Dora To’s business was an example of pet-store owners purchasing their puppies from puppy mills—breeders that, although they may operate legally, still ... more
Amen Corner: Spaying and neutering opposition
You can’t imagine how relieved we were to hear that the city’s plan to make spaying and neutering mandatory is likely to face widespread opposition. more
The IntersectionA Wynn lose situation for Garth Brooks tickets
Wynn is devoted to socialism-lite right here in Vegas in the form of his jihad against would-be scalpers of the tickets for the first 20 ... more
The IntersectionIs the Vegas dream gone?(1 comment)
An audit forces a columnist to take a long, hard look back at the dream that was Las Vegas. more
The IntersectionLettuce ladies and veggie dogs(1 comment)
In an afternoon punctuated by false starts, ambulance sirens and skimpy green outfits, PETA, for better or worse, gave away hundreds of veggie dogs to ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
A little early, isn’t it? more
The IntersectionTerror in the produce aisle!
What would happen if you took Lizardman out of the Fright Dome, out of Circus Circus and off the Strip? What would happen if you ... more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas ranks seventh on Forbes list of Best Cities to Retire In. Proving once and for all that Forbes lists are a result of ... more


NightlifeGetting it on (the record) with Pete Tong(3 comments)
You might think a DJ would consider hanging up his headphones as he approaches 50, but Tong shows no signs of stopping. more
NightlifeThe Closet leads the pack on gay parties
Celebrating its one-year anniversary, The Closet Sundays caters to the fashionable, attractive, poised and diverse, with every creed, color and sexual orientation represented—seriously, it’s like ... more
NightlifeFive questions with DJ Sasha (plus a few random ones)
Sasha (yeah, the same one who’s name is usually followed by “& Digweed”) is coming to Pure. But don’t expect him to go all nostalgic ... more
NightlifeStop! Before you step out this weekend in your college Halloween costume (let it go already) read this
Today’s movies, TV, books and the blogosphere have clearly informed the public’s costume choices with all of HalloweenMart’s top five best-selling costumes coming from the ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentWhat Andre Agassi’s crystal meth use explains
Suddenly, the tennis superstar’s mid-‘90s warddrobe makes sense. more
Arts and EntertainmentPaying off: Modern Science doesn’t squander pricey trip to CMJ
Even under a low basement ceiling, Modern Science’s performance soared. more
Arts and EntertainmentU2 showcases classic past, passable present(4 comments)
Do we really need stadium concerts anymore? Probably not, but if we have to endure them, then U2 is certainly the band for the job. more
Death don’t have no mercy for musicians
Consider taking out life insurance before listening to these songs recorded just before their creators’ deaths. more
Arts and EntertainmentNaked’ truth: Why ‘High Fidelity’ fans will hate Hornby’s latest
Chick lit sucks. Rob would be ashamed. more
Arts and EntertainmentFashion Rocks: Stylish clothing meets hard rock at Hard Rock
John Varvatos believed there had to be a way to mix music, fashion and commerce together and keep it interesting. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe aliens have landed
Is V the new Lost? more


ScreenA makeshift memorial for MJ
“This Is It” is an inadequate epitaph for the King of Pop. more
Movies about the afterlife
No, Dead Man Walking is not on this list. more
ScreenTrick ‘r Treat
Trick ’r Treat deserves points for avoiding cheap thrills and excessive gore, but its limited old-school charms are not nearly as impressive as its inflated ... more

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Pie in the sky
TasteWhy Metro Pizza should thank us.
Choose-your-own burger adventure
TasteThe idea is a fail-safe one: DIY burgers with plenty more to like.




CD Cover Lyle Lovett
Lyle Lovett is holding back.
CD Cover Built to Spill
Doug Martsch sounds tired.
CD Cover The Flaming Lips
Embryonic feels willfully obscure, an album full of cluttered noise and sounds thrown together with little regard for, well, anything.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Oct 29, 2009
by Xania Woodman

C’est la Vie

Well hello, gorgeous! But super-premium Oxley small batch dry gin has the chops to back up her bottle’s outer beauty. It took 38 recipes and eight years to develop the ...