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Best in PrintJer-ry! Jer-ry!
The many sides of “America’s Got Talent Live” host (and American success story) Jerry Springer read article
Best in PrintLodging complaints
Arts district leaders and a local businessman battle over a Downtown motel read article
Best in PrintCrocodile Elvis: A short story
Elvis drew a bead on the television set. Squeezed one off from his pearl-handled .44 and sent ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionWelcome to beautiful Henderson, er, Rochester?(1 comment)
Welcome to “Rochester” Nevada, located in Henderson… at least that’s what Google Maps says. Stacy J. Willis reports on the textures of life there. more
The Intersection#FF @CityOfLasVegas #budgetplanning
Hypothetical tweets from the city budget planning process. more
Suggestion Box: Gibbons needs a cat
Like Jon talking to a nonexistent cat, when Gibbons insists he can win re-election, it’s like he’s muttering to himself in public. more
The IntersectionThis is how poets roll
Like the night bus out of the Harry Potter novels, the vintage red double-decker Poetry Bus collected poets and passengers as they cruised around the ... more
The IntersectionPreserving America—and a few secrets(9 comments)
A nonpartisan, in-the-background, slightly secretive organization wants to indoctrinate you in its cause: making America jibe with the Constitution. more
The IntersectionBette Midler leaving after seemingly unhappy residency(41 comments)
The Divine Miss M takes her leave from that gargantuan stage on January 31, checking out precisely when her contract is fulfilled and not a ... more
The Help Desk
Nicolas Cage forced to sell $10 million Las Vegas estate because of tax troubles. Hey, we saw The Wicker Man—this isn’t the first time he’s ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Pretty fly for a silver guy. more


NightlifeRevealing Robbie Rivera
While some Vegas clubbers might not know the Puerto Rican-born Rivera by face—or name—there’s no doubt they’ve heard his music. more
NightlifeA menage for Gen X: Two new parties at First
First Food & Bar is already a destination for dinner or post-party grubbing—but with two new parties, now you’ll never have to leave. more
NightlifePiano envy: Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar
Two pianos are better than one. Opening this week, Pete’s will add some piano pizazz to Town Square nightlife. more
NightlifeCanton semi-finals, plus “On the Rocks” goes straight to online
A cocktail showdown will send one winner to French St. Martin for the Domaine de Canton Bartender of the Year Competition; hot bartender-on-bartender action with ... more
NightlifeSexy servers and soup
“The waitress isn’t wearing any pants,” my friend whispered to me in hushed tones. more
NightlifeSeven and a half hours on the town with’s Andy Ford
Food Channel “cultural correspondent” Andy Ford goes clockless and Stripless in Sin City for 24 hours with Xania Woodman as his nightlife guide. God help him. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentVegas rapper Mr. Finley signs with iconic label Def Jam(2 comments)
“I’m definitely carrying the city on my back.” more
Arts and EntertainmentSecond chance: A snapshot from the Vegas Valley Book Festival
Vegas: “[T]oss a chip out on the table, you’re treated the same as anybody else. Nobody gives a damn where you come from. Where you’re ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRaw. Honest. Great.(1 comment)
Stephen Elliott’s lacerating, all-over-the-place memoir pulls no punches. more
Arts and Entertainment2012(1 comment)
Also known as: The Day After Tomorrow. more
Arts and EntertainmentAn existential failure: AMC’s new ‘The Prisoner’ lacks the original’s verve
The 1960s British TV series The Prisoner is hugely influential in the world of sci-fi and secret-agent TV shows and movies. How does AMC’s new ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe man comes around (1 comment)
An interview with Beauty Bar owner (and new manager) Paul Devitt. more


ScreenPirate Radio
Set sail for an education in debauchery from some hedonistic DJs. more
ScreenNew York, I Love You
I do not, however, love New York, I Love You. more
Screen2012(1 comment)
Also known as: The Day After Tomorrow. more
ScreenMaking the commonplace seem fresh
David has a wee secret, and if you can’t figure it out, you badly need an education of your own. more
ScreenThe Damned United
As long as you know that English football has nothing to do with pigskins and fourth downs, you’ll enjoy this film. more

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The best chicken in Vegas
TasteNamaste’s tandoori chicken is the best in Vegas, a revelation when eaten with garlic naan.




CD Cover Carrie Underwood
Underwood’s music is as poppy as country gets.
CD Cover Weezer
Forget the music, you know you want the exclusive zebra-print Weezer Snuggie.
CD Cover Creed
After eight years, nothing has changed.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Nov 12, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The French Kiss

Party like it’s 1846 with my very favorite kind of kiss. A fortified blend of Barbera and Carignane wines, herbs, spices and peels, Dubonnet Aperitif Wine had its humble beginnings ...