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Best in PrintLost in America
A writer recalls a Las Vegas family ripped apart by the immigration system—and, ultimately, violence read article
Best in Print The State of Economic Diversification: Money talks—which is why it’s so quiet
Things suck, economically. But that’s not all. read article
Best in PrintWhere did the big steel sculpture at UNLV go?
Who keeps track of all the artwork donated to UNLV? No one, it seems. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionWe’ve got the cure
Make Vegas the medical Mecca. Bring on the anesthesia on demand and antibiotic cocktails. more
The IntersectionYou ate us! You really ate us!
Good presentation, plenty of filling between the top and bottom crusts, and just a little cheese. more
The IntersectionSuggestion Box: Offend Jim Gibbons
Gov. Jim Gibbons doesn’t like being made fun of. more
The Weekly Quote Quiz
“My nature is to go where others fear to tread.” more
The IntersectionThere’s gold in them thar groins!(1 comment)
Las Vegas company tackles the important issue of male freshness. more
The IntersectionSitting among the most polite people about to lose their jobs ever
Civil rest at UNLV. more
The IntersectionThey’re, like, critics(7 comments)
The Sin City Socialites are really hard at work rating the Las Vegas scene. Holla! more
The IntersectionDantes’ pique
An angry young UNLV grad is putting his bile to good use–on a new webzine. more
The IntersectionWith six you get an eggroll
Coupons are so 2009; get ready for the world of Groupons. more
The IntersectionAre you bringing the Vulcan ears?
Richard “Dick” McGee is taking his love of music - and a slightly geeky side - from the Philharmonic to Nevada Pops. more


NightlifeA sinless city?(4 comments)
If a misguided ban is levied and no one is aware or enforcing it, does it even matter? more
NightlifeDon’t blame the pole!(1 comment)
A Q&A with pole-dance instructor Fawnia Dietrich of Pole Fitness Studio more
NightlifeOn the DL with CL: DJ/producer Christopher Lawrence
Get your trance pants ready, even if you shy away from — or don’t know much about — this particular style of electronic dance music. more
NightlifeBlush welcomes house heads and ladies with two new promotions
A new night for house music, plus some free swag for the ladies. more
Forget American Idol. SushiSamba at the Palazzo will give Simon Cowell a run for his money with its “Sake-oke Superstar” competition. more
NightlifeA house of spirits
A tiny, 132-seat boîte with three balconies overlooking the Town Square bustle, Caña—“sugarcane”—offers South American-inspired cocktails and cuisine. more

Arts & Entertainment

The Flapping
This week’s release of Legion and The Tooth Fairy—two movies linked only by the presence of winged creatures—got us thinking about other wingy films … more
Arts and Entertainment The State of Entertainment: Disappearing acts(1 comment)
It’s not magic. More and more showrooms are resting empty as Strip shows go dark. more
Arts and EntertainmentQ&A with Thomas Mars of Phoenix
Talking Coachella, Versailles and the sounds that slot machines make with the Phoenix frontman. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Strip meets the Shore(2 comments)
The first wave of “Jersey Shore” invasion begins Friday night at Jet. Go get tan. more
Arts and EntertainmentLas Vegas Jam Band Society celebrates a decade of musical manifest destiny
When 20-odd Deadheads gathered in a bar called Legends Lounge on January 4, 2000, who’d have guessed they’d forge an institution going strong 10 years later? more
Arts and EntertainmentIntroducing Pet Tigers, your new favorite ’80s outfit
If VH1 has taught us anything, it’s that everyone loves them some ’80s. more
Arts and EntertainmentSkate and destroy … and rock: Legal issues behind it, Area 702 reopens for all-ages shows
Area 702 owner Tim Thurtle is grinning from ear to ear as he looks over the crowd from his spot on a staircase leading to ... more
Arts and EntertainmentQ&A with Thomas Mars of Phoenix
Talking Coachella, Versailles and the sounds that slot machines make with the Phoenix frontman. more
Arts and EntertainmentA hospital for art’: Emergency Arts to open its Downtown doors to creativity
The artists survey tiny exam rooms, nursing stations and X-ray areas, still showing medical residue - signs, surgical lubricant, hospital-room curtains. more
Arts and EntertainmentHardly a game changer: Juicy account of ’08 presidential race seems better suited for the screen(1 comment)
Game Change, poorly written in general, is full of fun, distracting revelations. more


ScreenRobots and relationships
Galactica prequel Caprica is an odd mix of sci-fi and soap opera more
ScreenSundance in your living room
Now you can watch (some of) Sundance from the comfort of your living room. more
ScreenExtraordinary Measures
Nothing extraordinary here. Just more adorable terminally ill kids. more

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The place for Indian
TasteInside Origin India, our rare ethnic restaurant that aspires to be more than authentic.
The state of local restaurants: The menu has changed
TasteWhile restaurants across country suffer lower revenues and shut their doors, one Las Vegan is counting on “cost, service and great food.”




CD Cover OK Go
Geek-chic pop chameleons OK Go have yet to surpass the blessing/curse bestowed by a couple of universally viewed, no-budget music videos that prized choreography over content.
CD Cover Spoon
Transference mostly drowns in gloomy basslines and dour minor chords, all of which are further dulled by formless songwriting and plodding tempos.
CD Cover Vampire Weekend
Given that Vampire Weekend was largely a collection of singles posted online during the band’s formative years, Contra qualifies as their first proper album, which might explain how it bypasses ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jan 21, 2010
by Xania Woodman

High West Whiskey Sour

Whether you’re heading to the Sundance Film Festival this weekend or not, you can still drink like a “Utahn” (and no, that’s not a joke). High West, the state’s only ...