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February 25 - March 3
Best in PrintA man, a plan, a performing arts center
Don Snyder was the driving force behind the successful hunt for funding for Las Vegas’ performing arts center read article
Best in PrintThe Woman in the Mirror
With Divas Las Vegas, Frank Marino continues his 25-year reign as Queen of the Strip read article
Best in PrintWhen I was a girl
Joe Brown’s drag metamorphosis read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionOverheard at Obama’s CityCenter visit
“When they hang the (presidential) seal on the podium, does it mean he’s in the building?” more
The IntersectionEncounter: A shaved brunette
Ya never know who’s going to chat with you at a show… or what they’ll chat about. more
The IntersectionPresidential visits
Obama in Henderson: two views. more
The IntersectionA night with Bill Clinton
Call it part of the New Age of Vegas, where politicians play showrooms. Only Clinton, normally a man of good humor, wasn’t there to entertain. more
The IntersectionThe Presidential Pianist
David Osborne keeps the politics to a minimum as he keeps Commanders in Chief entertained. more
The Help Desk
Obama announces on recent visit, “I love Las Vegas. Always have.” Las Vegas says it forgives Obama this time, but that he’d better start telling ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
That’s no way to treat royalty! more
The IntersectionA less-than-limited Las Vegas engagement(5 comments)
Socialization, alienation and art—the musings of a Las Vegas transplant. more


NightlifeInside the (gay porn) actor’s studio
Scotty B knows what the boys like: porn. And scintillating X-rated Q&A. more
NightlifeOrganic new party growing at Ghostbar
New Ghostbar director Mike Diamond and DJ 88 team up to establish a music-centric party at Ghostbar more
NightlifePole dancing for charity
Pole dancing is sexy, saucy, and now saving lives. more
NightlifePMG, PCD part ways; HTZ closes
Pure Management Group announced last week that it would be closing the Pussycat Dolls Lounge; Meanwhile, Hawaiian Tropic Zone announced its closure. more
NightlifeFlying with the Egil
A few thoughts from the 56-year-old DJ… more
NightlifeFilthy Mouth, fab fashion
“Models & Bottles”—it could have been the flyer for the February 17 event. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentWe’re all played out’: The panic of Don DeLillo
Novelist Don DeLillo has built a career exploring the inner lives of individuals perched on the threshold of oblivion. In “Point Omega,” has he gone ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBikers’ with bite
For the fantasy riders of the Dobermen Motorcycle Club, the moto-spirit is more about the man and his tribe than the man and his ride. more
Arts and EntertainmentSuper Summer scare
Could the rabidly popular Super Summer Theatre be a casualty of our crippled state budget? more
Arts and EntertainmentCirque repackages rock ‘n’ roll icon in ‘Viva Elvis’(1 comment)
It’s a theme-park “Grease” reunion, a live-in-person Gap commercial with an Olympics opening ceremony budget. more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with Whigs frontman Parker Gispert
The Whigs are returning to Vegas to open for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. more
Arts and EntertainmentFolktrician night is all about the stories behind the song(2 comments)
Turk’s is hardly the “newest, hottest, rock club lounge” advertised, but it has its charm. more
Arts and EntertainmentQ&A with Tegan (no Sara)
The Weekly chats with one half of indie rock duo Tegan and Sara about her music, Livejournal and the changing demographics of her fans. more
Arts and EntertainmentA Star is born?(1 comment)
Welcome to Star Theatre inside the Greek Isles. more
Arts and EntertainmentLaughter is the best aphrodisiac(1 comment)
What happens when a sex club temporarily transforms into a comedy club? more
Arts and EntertainmentBrahms with backstory
There’s nothing as enticing as a music composition with a deeply personal story behind it. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe return of the queen
Frank Marino rules in Divas Las Vegas at Imperial Palace more


ScreenCop Out
If at any point Kevin Smith or his cast smelt a turkey on their hands, they didn’t care and proceeded to laugh their way through ... more
Mismatched cop-film checklist
Cop Out got us thinking … what wacky duos hasn’t Hollywood tried? more
ScreenFamily dysfunction
Prodigal daughter retuning home, raucous family meals… hmm, where have we seen this before? more
ScreenThat Evening Sun
That Evening Sun is a complex portrait of the rural South as a place where deeply ingrained traditions and prejudices mingle freely with modern ideas ... more
Screen Hopes for ‘The Crazies’
Here are four elements from George A. Romero’s 1973 film that we hope to see in the 2010 version. more

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TasteBrock Radke tests the limits of the all-you-can-eat buffet
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TasteHello El Segundo Sol?




CD Cover Mother McKenzie
It’s strange that the latest album by Mother McKenzie should be called Bedroom Music.
CD Cover The Big Friendly Corporation
Big Friendly Corporation understands how best to bring the past into the present.
CD Cover Mark Huff
There’s something appealing about Huff’s dogged consistency.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Feb 25, 2010
by Xania Woodman

Pear & Elderflower Sangria

Served in a voluminous 24 oz. Bordeaux wine glass, and with garnishes that really pop, this rare white sangria is casual enough for summertime pool-side quaffing but also elegant enough ...