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April 29 - May 5
Best in PrintThe Weekly’s Annual Summer Movie Guide
Superheroes, urban sexpots, talking animals, dance battles and killer piranhas in 3D! read article
Best in PrintOver the rainbow
Some thoughts on gay pride read article
Best in PrintWe only come out at night
Vegas’ Pride Parade marches to a different drummer read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionAssessing the aftermath of a brutal police standoff in Anthem
As of April 22, Anthem Highlands became like a lot of other neighborhoods. more
The IntersectionI’m (not) coming out(1 comment)
Steve Friess is what is wrong with the gay community in Vegas. more
The Intersection“Whoops and roars” at a … classical guitar concert?
Why tailgating between classical guitar acts make sense. more
The IntersectionDogged pursuit
These are not dogs you teach to roll over, or cuddle. more
The Weekly quote quiz
“If Nevada fits in in some way, we need to step up and do our part.” more
The Help Desk
Senator John Ensign says most Las Vegans would “take offense” at being compared with Wall Street. Just like most senators would take offense at being ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week(1 comment)
Bronzed bits. more


NightlifeSong and (pole) dance show: Strippers expose a brave new side of karaoke(1 comment)
“It’s just like any other karaoke night—but with titties!” more
NightlifeRise After Hours launches with Dresden & Johnston
New afterhours? Talented new big-name production/DJ team? Both at the same place in Vegas? Sign us up! more
Suiting up(5 comments)
Stay on the first wave of pool-party style with our picks for summer swimwear. more
NightlifeParty like it’s Cinco(2 comments)
A slew of Cinco de Mayo fiestas where things are bound to get loco. more
NightlifeThe Beatport Beach Party comes to Vegas
Should Vegas be renamed Miami West? ‘Cause we’re getting all of South Beach’s best parties! more
NightlifeLooking for Mr. Gaybar(3 comments)
Joe Brown samples a few of Commercial Center’s queer-friendly watering holes. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentA quilt is hard to hate: This Reed Whipple fabric exhibit will have you seeing “Double”
Double Vision: Two Unique Insights in Fabric and Thread is a selection of work by New Mexico-based textile artists Jean McLaughlin Cowie and Patricia Gould. more
Arts and EntertainmentAll-night art party, LGBT style
The 12-hour ARTrageous art party raised funds for the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada. more
Arts and EntertainmentRockin’ droll: David Sedaris
David Sedaris is funnier than your three favorite standup comics put together. more
Arts and EntertainmentBernadette Peters: Queen of queens(1 comment)
Maybe it was purely by chance that Bernadette Peters was booked to perform at UNLV’s Ham Hall during this weekend of Gay Pride celebrations. more
Arts and EntertainmentConan 2.0
Will we see The Masturbating Bear? Kinda. NBC holds the rights to that bit so Conan now does The Self-Pleasuring Panda. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhere the magic happens: The desk of writer Alissa Nutting
“My desk is both a prison and an escape,” says Alissa Nutting, a Schaeffer Fellow at UNLV and author of the forthcoming story collection Unclean ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMatador in our midst
Spencer Patterson is ready for The Lost Weekend. Are you? more
The Weekly playlist: Matador edition
Brush up on the label before it hits town more
Arts and EntertainmentWalk, rock and burn
When you’re playing for a good cause, relief from the heat comes before rules and regulations, right? more
Arts and EntertainmentFeminism unfulfilled
Don’t call Rick Lax an enlightened sexist. more
Arts and EntertainmentFive random excerpts(1 comment)
From Poker Woman: How to Win at Love, Life, and Business Using the Principles of Poker, by Ellen Leikind more


ScreenRemake fever
Can you tell which projects listed below are actually in development, and which ones we just made up? more
ScreenThe Descent: Part 2
Generally speaking, straight-to-DVD horror sequels are not to be trusted, but what about The Descent: Part 2? more
ScreenNorth Face
It’s surprising to see a movie about Nazis in which their being Nazis isn’t the main focus. more

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What’s become of my diner?
TasteDespite its reputation as a classic Southern California diner, Brock was skeptical about the arrival of Du-par’s in Downtown Las Vegas.
Downtown’s cafe windfall
TasteCaffeine junkies and coffeehouse-dwelling hipsters will have two new places to hang their beanies this summer.
Orchard to table
TasteProject Dinner Table puts Nevada farms on the plate with delicious results.




CD Cover Caribou
Remember, Caribou is the musical project of a Canadian math whiz.
CD Cover Hole
The sound is a continuance of Love’s Celebrity Skin, very West Coast polished and pro
CD Cover Rufus Wainwright
All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu is the intimate, unadorned album fans hoped for


2010 International Lingerie Show

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  • 2010 International Lingerie Show
  • Jumping Off the Stratosphere
  • No Bull: Kats Rides the Mechanical Beast
  • The Residences at Mandarin Oriental
  • "Every Guy You Don't Want Me To Be"
  • "She Knows Everything"
  • "Sticks & Stones"
  • 'Pawn Stars': Behind the Scenes

Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Apr 15, 2010
by Xania Woodman

Now drink this: Sweet charity

Bellagio mixologist Darren West’s award-winning Passion for Fashion cocktail shows his passion for charitable causes as well. The winner of the Don Q Rum Mix-Off last Monday at Frankie’s Tiki ...