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August 5-August 11
Best in PrintTales of extreme Vegas heat
From youthful semi-nudity to rescuing the ice lady read article
Best in PrintSaved by the pole
How a device meant mainly for the stripper trade pulled one woman out of a miserable life read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionThinking about the flu, Facebook and more
5 things on the minds of the Weekly staff more
The IntersectionFree buffet every day for life? Sure! Just have a dietician on standby!
Ever wonder what the average Las Vegan could consume over the course of a lifetime? more
The IntersectionWhy we love Mike Tyson
Where the hell is this guy’s reality show? more
The IntersectionLas Vegas’ downturn could have a surprising upside
Hear Steve Friess out, please. He’s not in favor of anyone going broke or losing their jobs. Really. more
Hangin’ with the hackers of Def Con 18
NERRRRRDSSS!!! They’ve gone mainstream. more
The IntersectionLessons from Las Vegas’ sex workers’ conference
Prostitutes, Internet escorts and other sex workers talk life in the industry and… advertising? more
The IntersectionFashion past and future, side by side in the Forum Shops
A tale of two shops — Christian Audigier and La Martina more
The IntersectionThis year’s sunglasses let you stand out at any price point
The Weekly‘s trend watch more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Susan Vondracek more
The IntersectionWhat is the biggest fashion offense you’ve seen in Las Vegas?
Whatta you think? The Weekly wants to know. more


NightlifeOrigin India’s cocktail for change
Get off your butt and order up an Orange-Peach Margarita for charity. more
NightlifeThe invasion has just begun with DJ/keytarist Joachim Garraud
Anyone who rocks a keytar and gives clubbers alien masks is cool in our book! more
NightlifeSpreading the (local) love at CatHouse
Moon’s Satellite Bar on Tuesdays is no más, but CatHouse and Crown add house to their lineup on the same night. more
NightlifeClue’less at a nightclub murder mystery party
Was it Professor Plum with the revolver? Detective Bond with the stuffed animal? Harvey Epstein with the dildo? more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentInstallation celebrates sexuality among seniors and the disabled
… because everyone appreciates a little love making. more
Arts and Entertainment26 words about Milton Clark Avery’s ‘The Artist’s Daughter in a Blue Gown’
Part of Figuratively Speaking: A Survey of the Human Form at the Bellagio Galley of Fine Art more
Arts and EntertainmentAs Dusty Rhodes checks out, Coastwest Unrest steps in
One door closes, another one opens. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe checklist: What are you consuming this week?
Ginger Bruner, Mark Hattanus, Quentin R. Bufogle, Graham Wright more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to watch, listen to and go to this week
Stuff you’ll want to know about more
Arts and EntertainmentArcade Fire’s latest can’t quite match the anticipation
If you can stomach an overblown concept record, The Suburbs makes for a pretty solid spin. more
Arts and EntertainmentAerosmith’s live show’s got nothing on its recent headlines
The classic rockers proved break-up rumors were more entertaining than what they offer live. Maybe they would have been better going their separate ways. more
Arts and EntertainmentMemoir ‘Wide Awake’ is a bit of a snooze
Patricia Morrisroe has suffered from insomnia her whole life. Maybe reading her own book could her sleep. more
Arts and EntertainmentFinding space for Place Gallery
“It’s almost unbelievable. That’s how crazy it is.” more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with Tokyo Police Club keyboardist Graham Wright
In conjunction with the title of the band’s new album Champ, fans are challenging them to various competitions. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Bitch is back: ‘Little House on the Prairie’s‘ original mean girl
Alison Arngrim played Nellie Oleson. In the years since her role as a child villain, Arngrim has channeled that loathing into a book and a ... more


ScreenHoax or not, Banksy’s ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ is brilliant
The film serves as a bitterly hilarious illustration of the way radical and subversive concepts get appropriated by the talentless and watered down for mass consumption more
ScreenWho IS Banksy?
Many tout his fame, while others call him a fraud. more
ScreenPlot overwhelms comedy in ‘The Other Guys’
The Other Guys isn’t quite able to redeem the action-comedy genre, although it delivers a number of laughs. more
ScreenMisguided teen drama ‘Twelve’ is laughable at best
The movie is like listening to an audiobook while perusing an interior-design magazine. more
ScreenRestrepo’ features striking footage but lacks structure
It’s tempting to praise Restrepo merely for the bravery of the filmmakers and the subjects rather than the movie itself. But that doesn’t mean it ... more
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Meet Monta: The Raku of noodle soups
TasteLess is more when it comes to Monta’s simply delicious ramen.
Hot chocolates and Max Brenner's mood food
TasteThe Bald Man’s chocolate-drenched empire arrives on the Strip.
Clocking Simon's "30 minute" lunch
TasteSimon says you can get in and out in half an hour. We put them to the test.




CD Cover Arcade Fire’s latest can’t quite match the anticipation
If you can stomach an overblown concept record, The Suburbs makes for a pretty solid spin.
CD Cover CD review: Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
In the year between the album’s leak and its release, Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous and vocalist Vic Chesnutt both committed suicide.
CD Cover M.I.A.
Despite the controversy surrounding her politics and personal life, you can’t accuse M.I.A. of pandering to the mainstream with her music.

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Kaba Modern at Hip Hop International

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Aug 4, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

Origin India’s cocktail for change

August means alcohol? A month for margaritas? Call it what you want, we’re always looking for a reason to imbibe. So throw in a charity angle and sign us up! ...