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March 1-March 7
Best in PrintFirst Friday channels Burning Man for one flaming hot night
How about a little radical self-expression? read article
Best in PrintGuts, glory and homicidal rocks at Bootleg Canyon’s Reaper Madness
One second of hesitation or one centimeter of error is all it takes to send a body ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionTim Tebow takes his act to church in Las Vegas
The gig seems almost perfect for Tebow’s squeaky-clean image and constant religious invocations. more
The IntersectionWith incorporation tabled for now, Weekly explores the would-be city of Laughlin
The small town to the south wants to be its own city. more
The IntersectionWhat to learn from Las Vegas’ many mistakes
“We can either use our hard times to set up the next period of growth and prosperity, or sit around waiting for the good ol’ ... more
The IntersectionConversation starters: Mike Tyson to take the stage at MGM and more
Also, the Steve Wynn vs. Joe Francis dispute continues. more
The IntersectionPastry champ Chris Hanmer on ‘Top Chef’ and good ganache
The winner of ‘Top Chef Just Desserts’ teaches pastry magic in Las Vegas. more
The IntersectionShould the adult film industry move to Nevada?
With a new law in place in Los Angeles, the industry could lose revenue by staying there. more
Thinking about Meryl Streep, Whole Foods and more
Also, Penn Jilette’s recent Celebrity Apprentice win. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Erik Chudy. more


NightlifeEDM artist Bassnectar wants to see you over-stimulated
The NorCal native also reveals a few up-and-coming collaborations. more
NightlifeBLT’s Double Barrel cocktail float is pure adult nostalgia
This root beer concoction is not suitable for children. more
NightlifeHot Spots: Audrina Patridge at Chateau, Diplo at XS and more
Also, Clinton Sparks brings his beats to Gallery. more
NightlifeNightlife news & notes: BootyBar finds a new home, Jonathan Davis at Rain and more
Also, M Resort will soon host a whiskey tasting party. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThat Kid Meets Cougar show was something to see
The local duo unveils its new stage setup—with dizzying results. more
Arts and EntertainmentDon’t miss David Koechner’s musk
There’s something simultaneously attractive and revolting about David Koechner’s style of comedy. more
Arts and EntertainmentStair-climb the Stratosphere for charity
Most sane people don’t climb 1,455 steps when there’s a perfectly good elevator waiting to whisk them into the sky. more
Arts and EntertainmentReview: Imagine Dragons’ new EP
The tunes on ‘Continued Silence’ outpace the lyrics. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhere to what, what to see and what to cheer for this week
A couple of great sporting events, a classic movie and a twisted look at old video games more
Arts and EntertainmentArtist Leor Grady says the truth is in the bedding
When you and I look at pillows, we think sleep. Artist Leor Grady thinks art. more
Arts and Entertainment5 things I wrote in my notebook during Die Antwoord’s House of Blues set
Exhausted just watching them. more
Arts and Entertainment Mary Warner exhibit offers a fresh look at an old subject in Trifecta’s ‘Heavy Petals’
It’s not so much a question of what the painting reveals about the flower as what the flower can say about painting. more
Arts and EntertainmentGiving poker a chance on HBO’s “Luck’
Members of the poker subculture are all too eager to rip to shreds any portrayal of the game that fails to live up to their ... more


ScreenFilm review: Five stars for ‘A Separation’!
The Oscars’ Best Foreign Language Film deserves that accolade and more. more
ScreenTV review: ‘Awake’ is a crime procedural in sci-fi clothing
Mostly, it’s another series about grim detectives solving grimmer crimes. more
ScreenFilm review: ‘The Lorax’
The animation is lovely, but overall this one’s second-rate Seuss. more
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Tasty Russian at Tverskaya
TasteThe first trick is actually finding the restaurant.
Two new eateries debut at Neonopolis
TasteGood eats at Luna Rossa and Fremont Mediterranean Cafe.
Get ready, Las Vegas diners - Guy Fieri's in town!
TasteThe host of ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ comes back to his old stomping grounds.




CD Cover CD review: Dirty Three's 'Toward the Low Sun'
Dirty Three finally release another album—and it's worth the wait.
CD Cover Springsteen's latest is great—but where's the E Street Band?
Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball" is one of his most consistent in years, but it could have used a lot more E Street Band presence.
CD Cover Imagine Dragons
The tunes on 'Continued Silence' outpace the lyrics.

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Cocktail of the Week Mar 6, 2012
by Sabrina Chapman

The Vesper brings a hint of James Bond to Hank’s Fine Steaks & Martinis

For the smooth operator who’s always dreamed of requesting “shaken, not stirred” in the midst of a high-stakes poker game. For the damsel who desires to be a secret agent’s ...