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April 19-April 25
Best in PrintSummer movie preview 2012
Superheroes! Pregnant ladies! And Abraham Lincoln? read article
Best in PrintWetlands Safari: exploring Clark County’s desert oasis
We forget where we are until we spot the Stratosphere in the distance or catch a glimpse ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionTo boldly not go: How one man robbed Vegas of the Starship Enterprise
A life-size replica could have been built Downtown. more
The IntersectionAdelson’s eyes aren’t set solely on Spain for future projects, but also various Asian locations
It seems the casino tycoon wants to spread the Vegas vibe across the globe. more
The IntersectionIs health care in Las Vegas really as bad as its reputation?
Those who work in the industry call Vegas medicine’s “Wild West.” more
The IntersectionWhat can be done with the city’s half-built corporate eyesores?
“The county regulates the safety of dead work sites, which costs the owners fairly significant money, but that’s it.” more
The IntersectionWhat do we say when schoolyard tactics enter the adult world?
We bully without even knowing we’re bullies. more
The IntersectionSuicide by landmark: Hoover Dam Bypass vs. Golden Gate Bridge
The nearby bypass experienced its first suicide this week. more
The IntersectionWearing Las Vegas, the Topshop way
Sparkles upon sparkles? Yes please. more
Why Las Vegas hotels should jump on the geek bandwagon
Travel + Leisure‘s recent top geek hotels list includes no local properties. more
The IntersectionCouture for Causes offers designer duds and good karma
The fourth annual fashion benefit event is set for April 22. more
The IntersectionConversation starters: From Mike Tyson to Nevada’s new cell phone law
Also, why GSA officials should have been reading the Weekly. more
The IntersectionTalking speed with car racing champ Enrico Bertaggia
Once Enrico Bertaggia was a champion driver. Today, he helps others get a Ferrari-fueled rush. more


NightlifeTalking white light and the electronic ‘process’ with Justice
Gaspard Augé talks with Weekly before the duo’s Cosmo show. more
NightlifeLily’s take on the classic Manhattan is all about presence and power
And it could be the city’s “quintessential” cocktail. more
NightlifeHot Spots: Pitbull and Pauly D at Rehab, Avicii at Marquee Dayclub and more
Also, an opportunity to party with porn stars. more
Pre-party Moon’s Fancy Sauce bash with a special happy hour at Nove Italiano
Beers and meatballs! more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentCoachella: Weekend 2 tips, drawn from Weekend 1 experience
Don’t miss Radiohead, At the Drive-In and Jeff Mangum. If you’re bothered by hologram resurrections, leave early on Sunday. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to hear, where to laugh and how to learn about your brain this week
Yo-Yo Ma’s in town. Kramer would be excited. more
Arts and EntertainmentBook Review: ‘The Power of Habit’
Take a peek at how New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg sees the world. more
Arts and EntertainmentGarbage delivers at the Pearl
Garbage rode hard down its familiar dirt road, reminding us why we fell in love with the band in the first place. more
Arts and EntertainmentTV Review: ‘Veep’
Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays second banana for mild laughs in ‘Veep.’ more
Arts and EntertainmentBon Iver tames the savage beast
You don’t know Bon Iver until you stand in the glow of the band’s amazing Technicolor cheesecloth (for real), heart rising behind your ribs with ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTea time with artist Mai Ueda at Cosmo’s P3 Studio
As with traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, we’re leaving the real world behind, but we’re watching ourselves do so. more
Arts and EntertainmentSedaris reads Sedaris at the Smith Center
The only thing better than reading David Sedaris is hearing David Sedaris read his own work. more


ScreenThe Sci Fi Center scares up a new first-run horror series
Venue to show IFC Films releases, beginning with Stephen Dorff’s ‘Brake.’ more
ScreenFilm Review: ‘Footnote’
“Footnote” has moments of humor and pathos, even if they seem to be coming from different films. more
ScreenTV Review: ‘Veep’
Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays second banana for mild laughs in ‘Veep.’ more
ScreenBully’ is important, but entertaining? Not so much
“Bully” is solid education but terrible filmmaking. more
ScreenFilm Review: ‘The Kid With a Bike’
“The Kid With a Bike” is another compassionate winner from the Dardenne brothers. more
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Sven Mede of American Fish is an Asian soup junkie
TasteRamen, miso and more miso.
Basking in Botero's poached halibut with corn pudding
TasteTasty. Yellow. Different.
Drink beer for charity at the Great Vegas Festival of Beer
TasteSample more than 150 beers available from a lineup of some of the foremost breweries in the world.




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Cocktail of the Week Apr 25, 2012
by Sabrina Chapman

Ri Ra’s Chocolate Chocolate martini is a decadent import

Delicate layers bonded merely by the molecules of their own mutual attraction. It’s not the preface to another late-night adventure in Vegas. It’s the star ingredient of Rí Rá Irish ...