Dramcorp: Future Potential Today

The Dramcorp Offices, located on Level 2 of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart
Laurent Velazquez / Courtesy

Dramcorp is the parent company of Omega Mart. And it might be hiding a secret.

Like many Las Vegas stories, Omega Mart’s origin tale begins with a lucky hand. In 1969, Walter Dram won a failing convenience store in a destined poker game–and the rest is history. Sort of.

In effort to streamline and innovate, Walter Dram rewrote the rules of industry and sought to become the last name in convenience. And he did. Today, Dramcorp is a leader in global need fulfillment for Omega Mart and many other companies including travel, health, economics, entertainment, exploration, research, production, government, education, conservation, and food. It’s highly likely you’ve had Dram in your life all long—maybe without even noticing.

But times are changing and in 2020, Walter Dram left the company in the hands of his daughter, Cecelia Dram, and his protégé, Kaz Matsumura. Together, they are leading Dramcorp into the future and beyond. Curious to learn more? All the answers are hidden within Omega Mart.

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