Recreate Responsibly While Exploring the Silver State

Travel Nevada

Our state is freakin’ huge and more than 80% of it is public land—a combo that promises limitless landscapes out here waiting to bring your wildest get-outside dreams to life.

But with all that freedom comes responsibility, as well as plenty of ways to turn those same dreams into some seriously bad trips.

So whether you’re highway road-trippin’ or lookin’ to dip a tire or two into some off-grid action, get the scoop on how to explore the Silver State safely and responsibly, to ensure Nevada’s sacred spaces remain pristine and special for the next generations—and so that you make it home to share some timeless travel tales with them.

Get Travel Nevada’s Hot Takes & Tips On:

  • Land Use Etiquette & Stewardship
  • Outdoor Safety Musts
  • Backcountry Driving Dos & Don’ts
  • Travel Restrictions & COVID-19 Updates
  • Agency Links & Other Resources

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