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Maz Jobrani
Dec. 26, 6 p.m.
House of Blues, 632-7600

It’s like he came out of nowhere; one minute earning a Ph.D. at UCLA, the next not only touring with four Middle Eastern comedians under the Axis of Evil banner, but headlining the whole media-savvy thing as well, careening about both national and international stages while unleashing satiric screeds against racism before tossing off riotous, split-second mimicry of Persian cats. Yes, Maz Jobrani mimics Persian cats. Though feline impressions will rarely set a comic apart from the herd, the Leno and Comedy Central vet, contrary to the previous grouping’s appellation, is as impossibly cuddly as they come, even following up Evil’s juggernaut success with his own jaunt winkingly called the Brown & Friendly tour. Cozy up to Jobrani now, as global—dare we say intergalactic?—domination is imminently within his reach. (Insert maniacal cackle here.)


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