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Las Vegas Metro police are now using Twitter. The first tweet said, “Sprinkles on donuts are for wimps!”

More and more Canadians are buying second homes in Las Vegas. Wow, guess those rumors we started about Celine Dion returning are starting to pay dividends.

Window washers rescued after winds cause cable to snap at Encore. They’re pursuing safer jobs—like construction on the Strip.

Ranchers, farmers try to block Las Vegas’ attempts to pipe water from northeastern Nevada. What? Las Vegas has a water shortage? Jeez, between foreclosures, bankruptcies and layoffs, we completely forgot.

Las Vegas broker fined $250,000 for renting out foreclosed homes to tenants. He says he’ll need to sell a few bridges to raise the funds.

Last year’s Las Vegas hepatitis C outbreak spurs third federal report. The first two were variations on “Las Vegas health care really sucks.” This one adds, “BIG time!”

Las Vegas physician, wife sentenced to prison for botox fraud. They showed no emotion when the verdict was read.

Report: Las Vegas home prices fell 28 percent in the past year. Basically, if you bought in 1942, you’re probably breaking even.


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