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Hugh Hefner celebrates 83rd birthday in Las Vegas. Scientists note a momentary disruption of the silicone balance on the Strip.

Man who faked his own death arrested after allegedly cheating at Las Vegas casino. Yes, you may be able to fake your own death, but cheating in Vegas? Get real!

TV Land casts Chaparral High School’s class of 1989 for third season of High School Reunion. Memories will include having a governor who didn’t hate education.

Miley Cyrus says she can’t be in Vegas for very long. Funny, that’s exactly how we felt while watching the Hannah Montana concert movie.

Former Spice Girl Mel B makes debut as burlesque dancer in Las Vegas. She went from being Scary Spice to just plain scary in one easy step.

Las Vegas ranks 4th on’s Bad Hair list. Hey, it wasn’t our fault Donald Trump decided to build over here!

Turnout is low for North Las Vegas amnesty program on outstanding warrants. Of course, that could be because some of them are currently hiding out in Mexico.


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