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Study: Las Vegas expected to cut 35,000 jobs this year. But Gov. Gibbons says not to worry—most of those will be teaching jobs.

Mark & Mercedes to be syndicated in Sacramento. A recession, global warming and now this? Things are worse than we thought.

Bailed-out Wells Fargo bank plans Las Vegas casino junkets. And to think we were told the bailout money wouldn’t be going to casinos. Go figure!

American Idol’s David Cook backs out of April concert in Missouri, his home state, in favor of playing a private gig in Las Vegas. While we can’t exactly say we like Cook’s music, we do have to say he’s got damn fine judgment.

Las Vegas Strip going dark for an hour in March for Earth Hour 2009. As another symbolic gesture in support of climate change, Oscar Goodman won’t speak for the entire hour, either.

Moody’s projects housing-market decline will reach 52 percent by 2010. So those of you who have scrimped and starved to hang on to your homes—at least it was worth it!


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