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CityCenter announces 12,000 job openings. Harry Reid denies any involvement whatsoever.

Las Vegas remains the No. 1 travel destination in the United States. The No. 2 destination? Your local unemployment office.

Las Vegas woman says she sees Jesus image in her kitchen tile. And that beats any excuse we’ve come up with to avoid cleaning the kitchen.

Mamma Mia! ends Las Vegas run. Luckily for all you husbands out there, your wives just bought the movie on DVD, so you can watch it over and over ... endlessly.

Billboard for Hustler bar angers some Las Vegans. No word yet on how they feel about the strip clubs, the porn merchants on the Strip or Las Vegas in general.

Carmen Electra advises everyone “to not get married in Vegas.” And we advise everyone “to not marry Carmen Electra.”

Consumer Electronics Show hits Las Vegas this week. Yay! A sneak peek at stuff we’ll never be able to afford!


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