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Assessor’s office: 200,000 may pay lower property taxes this year. The remaining 1.8 million don’t have homes anymore.

Las Vegas 3-year-old boy survives 325-pound snake attack. His mother vows to get a safer pet next time: a pit bull.

Vegas oddsmaker says Slumdog Millionaire is best bet for Oscar. And after seeing an immensely more entertaining Golden Globes, the Weekly says Oscar is best bet for complete irrelevance.

Las Vegas airport has biggest passenger decline since 1981. Hey, McCarran—since you don’t need those metal detectors anymore, you mind if our schools use ’em?

Three of Steve Wynn’s properties get 5-star rating in Mobil Travel Guide. And in this economy, you know what that means: It’ll cost you an extra $5 to get in.

Brandon Flowers buys parcel of desert in Las Vegas, plans to erect neon sign. No word yet on whether it will say “human” or “dancer.”

Las Vegas using 16 surveillance cameras to fight graffiti. Just 1,000 more and the battle is joined.


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