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Report: Some of those who bought early in CityCenter are demanding price reductions or deposits back. Right, because the Strip’s high-rise condo market is COMPLETELY different from the Valley’s housing market.

Member of magician Steve Wyrick’s stunt crew injured in fire during Fourth of July “Death Drop” trick. Wyrick said to already be working on new trick to make career completely disappear.

Las Vegas Metro holds first “First Tuesday” public forum. The event also made for an excellent DUI checkpoint.

UFC cancels Limp Bizkit concert meant to kick off UFC 100 weekend. Officials made the decision after determining that it was not, in fact, 1998.

The Hangover is first Las Vegas-based movie to make $200 million. It’s a complete coincidence that upcoming Hollywood titles include The Porcelain Altar, Technicolor Yawn and Roofies: The Musical.

Fremont Street Experience offers virtual fireworks display for festivities. One awestruck attendee said the experience was “just like watching it on television—but with more neck-craning.

Phil Hellmuth shows up at WSOP dressed as Julius Caesar. Fans always said that was the biggest problem with the WSOP: not gay enough.


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