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Until the End and After


The packaging channels My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, but where the Black Paraders maintain a yen for vampires and skeleton marching bands, this Vegas foursome dances with the walking undead. Yes, Searchlight is singing about zombies.


Two stars
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Searchlight releases new album with thanks to zombies (2/25/09)
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Despite pro production by former Used/current Rancid drummer Branden Steineckert, however, After carries none of MCR’s infectious theatricality, and little of their palpable angst. The intriguing, loose narrative concept explores the zombie apocalypse, but it relies on been-there, heard-that alt-rock riffs and lyrics only slightly more interesting.

Not even big, building closer “Contagious,” the cut that appeared on 2007’s Resident Evil: Extinction soundtrack, can save the day. But then, when are zombies all that expressive, anyway?


Julie Seabaugh

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