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Unemployment in Las Vegas climbs to 13.9 percent. We’re not saying it’s bad, but we just saw a guy in a suit offering to squeegee a homeless guy’s shopping cart.

UFL moves third Locomotives game back to Las Vegas. To give the city another chance to totally blow it off.

Las Vegas DMV office reopens after discovery of something suspicious. DMV officials had never seen it before: a smile.

Somalia man on terrorist watch list questioned, released by Nevada troopers after being stopped for speeding. It’s all part of the new “Don’t arrest ’em until they kill somebody” campaign.

D.C.-based TRIP report: Nevada’s highway system costing each motorist $972 a year in lost time. Yeah, it’s taking forever to get from where we used to work to where we used to live.

Oscar Goodman in talks with family of Steve Irwin to bring zoo, crocodile wrestling to Downtown. It makes sense, because right now we can’t imagine a part of the city that’s more down under.

Analytics firm: Las Vegas, Reno weakest housing markets for next 12 months. So to all those thousands who have already lost their homes, good news! You just have to hold on for one more year.

More than 100 state workers gather to protest decreased staffing levels. Jim Gibbons said more revenue sources have to be found—we hear his immediate plan is to cut more state employees.


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