Piff the Magic Dragon leads the Vegas holiday-show parade

Piffmas at Piffany’s runs through December 30 at the Flamingo.
Photo: Wade Vandervort

Four reasons Dragons love Christmas in Vegas.

1. Because Christmas brings gifts, like Piff’s recent Flamingo residency extension. “Not only has the show been extended [through 2018] but we’re actually doing five days a week all through 2018. For the last two years we’ve done three days in Vegas and had four to go on the road, so now we’ll be doing a lot more shows in Vegas. I love being a part of the Flamingo, and it was definitely time to have a little bit of rest and [stay in town] before going out on the road even harder in [2019]."

2. Because they can do a special holiday show here. “When I first came to Las Vegas, I did a show at Cosmopolitan, at Rose.Rabbit.Lie., and I was supposed to be doing two sets of 10 minutes. I was used to doing hour-long shows, so I was bored out of my mind. I thought, how about we do a secret midnight show in the private bar? It was called Breakfast at Piffany’s, and it was based on this thing I’d been doing in London where I would host brunch and do magic tricks and people would compete for points and prizes. I did it for seven months at Rose.Rabbit.Lie., and it started getting some buzz—Shania Twain came, and Brad Garrett and David Copperfield. But I’ve never done a big version of that show in Vegas, so we’re doing it for the holidays. It’s like a big game show—I divide the audience into teams, and they compete against each other by doing magic with me.”

3. Because sandwiches! “The whole Breakfast at Piffany’s thing ends with the sale of a sandwich. At Cosmo, I auctioned off day-old croissants I bought from Walgreen’s every week. Now Rose.Rabbit.Lie. is a very high-end dining experience, and they wanted to make the croissants super fancy, but that’s not the point. Have you ever eaten a stale croissant? Delicious. We raised $15,000 in three months for Communities in Schools by auctioning off stale pastries, and the winning bidder would go into a secret-secret room and have this whole crazy croissant-dance thing that no one would ever speak of. This year there will be fresh peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I’m making myself. But I’m making them at the beginning of the show, so come around December 29, you’ll be taking your lives into your own hands.”

4. Because you can have a traditional Christmas in Vegas, no matter where you’re from. “I’m doing Christmas in Las Vegas. I love it. It’s home now. I’ve lived here almost four years, and I just bought a two-bedroom cave in Henderson, so I’m fully ensconced in Vegas life. And I still have the whole traditional British thing with turkey and mince pies and all that stuff. Two years ago I was living in the Flamingo during Christmas, so it was not quite as traditional.”

Through December 30, 8 p.m., $63, Bugsy’s Cabaret at Flamingo, 702-777-2782.

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