Perfect pairings: the right cannabis strain for every endeavor

Black Afghan
Photo: Jon Estrada
Meagan Angus

Whether for medical purposes, recreational fun or a little of both, more people across the country are embracing the delicious highs of cannabis, and now Nevada can, too. But which strains should you try first, and which activities do they best pair with? Seattle Weekly cannabis writer Meagan Angus recommends these five strains to get you started down the Emerald Path, and these activities to get the most enjoyment out of each.


This sativa dominant strain features the refreshing taste of mangoes. Rich in CBDs, the element in weed that deals with physical pain, and a bit lower in THC, the element in weed that gets you high, Harlequin is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This combination provides an alert and focused high, with diminished pain. I can’t think of a better strain to smoke before hiking the Valley of Fire or other trippy Nevada landscapes.

Durban Poison

Let’s face it, even when we want to get high, we still have to get stuff done. This extremely popular pure sativa strain comes to us all the way from South Africa, and is the perfect companion for your busy days. Providing an energetic, posi-vibe high, just a couple puffs of sweet, earthy Durban Poison can feel like a strong cup of coffee, and leaves people with a nice pep in their step.

Sour Diesel

This blissed-out sativa dominant hybrid is the perfect combination of smiles, body highs and energy to compliment a night out dancing or seeing a concert. The herbal sage flavor will sit well with your gin and tonics. Uplifting and sexy, this is my No. 1 pick for hitting the clubs and dancing until the sun comes up.

Girl Scout Cookies

There are plenty of reasons why this hybrid strain is so famous. For starters, it’s pretty strong, so it doesn’t take much to get stoned. Its proven ability to combat pain, loss of appetite and nausea makes it a favorite for cancer patients, but it can also provide a euphoric, visionary high perfect for stimulating the muse in you. Try this the next time you’re feeling creative and inspired.

Bubba Kush

This 20-year-old strain of indica from New Orleans is notorious for inducing an experience called “couch lock”—as in, you’re so high that you’re locked to the couch. Deeply tranquilizing, Bubba Kush mellows tensions and muscles with a dreamy, relaxing high. With a luscious flavor profile of coffee and chocolate, this is a perfect strain for staying in bed all day, binge-watching Netflix and eating takeout.

Other notable strains

Black Afghan (indica)

Relaxed effects; peppery, earthy flavors.

Blue Dream (sativa)

Relaxed, creative effects; sweet, blueberry flavors.

Do-Si-Dos (indica)

Happy, sleepy effects; earthy,berry flavors.

Golden Ticket (indica)

Uplifted, happy effects; sweet, spicy, citrus-y flavors.

OG Story (indica)

Euphoric effects; lemony, earthy flavors.

Venom OG (indica)

Relaxed, happy effect; earthy flavors.

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