COMEDY: LOL w/ Madigan

A nearly nonfictional* threesome with Robin Williams and Jim Norton

Julie Seabaugh

Last Comic Standing 2 finalist Kathleen Madigan has been a professional standup comic for 15 years, delivering uber-intelligent material on family, sports and politics to crowds weary of all the generic "female comedy" out there. In honor of her stint on Last Comic Standing 3 and her gig at the Improv, we hacked into her instant message account.

drunkenlaffter: Hi Robin, it's Kathleen. I'm at Harrah's until Sunday night, and I saw that you were at the MGM Grand this weekend. Haven't seen you since running into you outside LA's Comedy and Magic Club bathroom. We should get a few drinks and catch up.

goodwilliamshunting: Hey, hey there, it's kitty cat Kathleen! Meow, meow, meow! Hey girlfriend, sorry about Last Comic Standing 2. I was rooting for ya—"Go, kathleen, go, Kathleen! We want a comic, not a catatonic!" But alas, you were smitten down. I shall be honored to purchase draughts to both wash away thy pain and wish thee love and luck for the third season. How'd they convince you to sign on the dotted line for that, anyway? Did you have any hesitatitatitatitation about another season?

drunkenlaffter: No, just as long as we didn't have to live in a house again. We had fun 24 hours a day, and they would just show the five minutes that somebody got in a fight. Apparently, Jay Mohr's a fan of bickering. My theory is if people want drama, they'll turn on The Real World. I think they watch Last Comic Standing for funny stuff, like the clips on the end of the final show. If they would show that all season, they would have got more people. But they're the producers, and they think otherwise.

goodwiliamshunting: What's the hizzizzile with dis Drink Across America tour you're putting together, you Irish-Catholic stereotype, you?

drunkenlaffter: People kept e-mailing and say they would buy me drinks because I lost, so I'm like, "Hey, you know if I took up all these offers, I bet I could drink free for a year." So I decided to make a tour, I just don't know when. It can't be until 2005 because I'm booked. But I will figure it out, one way or another.

goodwilliamshunting: Yes, you're a busy, little buzzabee. You're a scribbler for Larry Sanders on the Emmys this year.

drunkenlaffter: For Gary Shandling, right; I've got to get on that tomorrow. He's got a lot of writers. When he asked me to write for him, I said yeah because we don't just type jokes and hand them in; he goes down to the club and he does his act and he works from there.

watersports: Hey, it's Jim Norton. Taking a break from Tough Crowd and promo work for the October 4 return of Opie and Anthony on XM Radio to do a show at the Palms on Saturday. You guys wanna hang out? Hookers and blow all on me, because Opie and Anthony are coming back on October 4 to XM Radio!!



watersports: Oh come on, guys! Kathleen, don't you remember, even though I'm better known for Tough Crowd, that I was on the beginning of Last Comic Standing 2 with you?



atersports: Fine, you'll be sorry when Opie and Anthony returns to XM Radio on October 4!! [signs off]

goodwilliamshunting: Phew, that was a close shave! And speaking of such, I'll even make it a point to wax my back for ya. Let's meet at the usual drinking spot; the password is "Dame Edna." In the meantime, I'll be rooting for ya on LCS 3.

drunkenlaffter: Sounds good, Robin, and thanks. See you then.

* Robin Williams' and Jim Norton's quotes are a product of our writer's overheated imagination.

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