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The Truth About God

Dear Editor,

[Regarding the August 25 edition,] I respectfully disagree with Mr. Teller [Or does he mean Penn?]: There is a true God, and he is far more liberal than most people can comprehend. But there are limits.

He would rather forgive anyone than condemn them, but that decision is really up to each individual. A person CAN choose to lose out on eternal life, but I personally CANNOT imagine why.

There is also a devil and many false gods.

It is far more disastrous for any minister/pastor to misrepresent God than for the layperson. No church has ever represented God as generously as necessary. Even as far as getting the Sabbath wrong, no one can say for sure whether the mistake is intentional or not. Many generations were not even presented with this question.

The proper distinction is always to love the sinner while hating the sin.

Thank you,

John Edward Mahalo D'Aura

The Iraq War Sucks

Dear Editor,

I bought into the Iraq war when Bush first presented it in 2002. 9/11 was still fresh and he said there were WMDs and a little global preventative maintenance was needed.

No WMDs.

No uranium purchase.

No 9/11 connection.

Osama bin Laden HATED Saddam and his ilk.

Osama bin Laden still walks the planet.

Iraq was in shambles from the 1991-'92 Gulf War.

There was NO Iraqi threat to the United States of America and no connection to terrorist networks other than everybody looking the same.


Then it was all about establishing a democracy in the Middle East. "Shining the light of freedom." "Free Iraq."

Now it looks like another Islamic republic forming. At least Saddam wanted to do business globally. Good luck with whatever gets established over there.

Glancing at the big picture, the Bush family and the Cheney family will both financially profit from the Iraq war, Osama bin Laden is still alive because of the Iraq war, billions of dollars spent in the Iraq war, 1,800 Americans and countless Iraqis killed in the Iraq war, and Iraq is no freer, no safer, and depending on who you talk to, worse off. The entire planet is less safe because of the ignorant foreign policy of the Bush administration. NOT ONE APOLOGY! Not once was there recognition that mistakes might have been made. I am sickened by this.

We now have two choices.

Number One: Send enough troops to secure the country. We are the most powerful country on the planet. We could end the insurgency tomorrow if we were able to stomach doing it. Therein lies the root of the problem, huh?

Number Two: Pull out tomorrow, wish everybody luck, get back into Afghanistan/Pakistan border regions and bring home Osama.

Neither solution is nice. Both will cause massive casualties. Both will be unpopular. Bush better call the ball and do something before '08. He made his bed. Time to lie in it.


Rob Bourgault

Apocalypse: A Cataclysmic Event; a Sudden And Violent End of the World

Dear Mr. Josh Bell,

I'm 12 years old and I love to read the Las Vegas Weekly. I was truly inspired by [the August 18 edition] Weekly when they made the movie Three Girls, a Guy and an Apocalypse in only 48 hours! What is an apocalypse?


Betty Jo

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