A World Apart

A discreet escape from the hive of activity

Jennifer Henry

Through the chaos of the Bellagio breezeway, amid the buzz of conversation accented by oohs and aahs in the natural perfume of their impressive floral displays, just a whoosh through the weighty lobby doors and all is serene. In the warm vanilla decor, Spa Bellagio patrons stand quietly awaiting the elevator as a muted orchestral arrangement provides the calming sound track. Even the spa receptionists speak in soft melodic tones. This is relaxation central.

The Bellagio, renowned as Las Vegas' most opulent resort, opened their Spa Bellagio in December 2004, as yet another opportunity to lavish their guests with luxury.

Yes, only Bellagio guests are invited to partake in Spa Bellagio's services Friday through Sunday. And though they generously open their doors to guests at any MGM Mirage property Monday through Thursday, appointments arranged well in advance are always suggested. With 56 treatment rooms and a truly diverse menu of services, the spa is always a hive of activity, however quiet and well-tended their halls.

Every guest is given a tour of the facilities before they begin their spa regime. And in the low lights guides glide along the stone floors with their patrons, pointing out the numerous refreshment stations, body treatment and facial lounges, and finally the tall wooden wardrobe lockers. Three hot whirlpools are complimented by one cooling pool and guests are encouraged to lounge as long as they like. The dry sauna and steam rooms are enclosed in thick frosted glass, making their clothing-optional policy truly an option. And for the sensible sun worshipper, Spa Bellagio provides mist-tanning services, their discreet booth tucked away just off the main floor.

If massage is your spa indulgence, Spa Bellagio has some exotic offerings to elevate your massage experience. The Thai Yoga massage is done atop a fluffy floor mat and involves assisted stretching, yoga poses and acupressure to accomplish a lasting release of inner muscle tension. A Deep Coconut Surrender treatment poolside will rejuvenate even the most tender and sun-scorched skin, helping that burn to become a healthy glow.

For facials, Spa Bellagio offers the range of services, focusing on damage repair, revealing new healthier skin and restoring the youthful appearance that lies beneath. With fully loaded fitness facilities, private showers and a complimentary protein shake specially formulated to compliment your day, Spa Bellagio has everything you've come to expect from a hotel spa with that over-the-top elegance and personalized service that's so Bellagio.

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