[Dark Horse] Guns, art and the presidency

Stumping for Ron Paul in Vegas

John Katsilometes

Quiz time: Which presidential candidate’s representatives were spotted this month at First Friday in the arts district and, on the same weekend, at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show at Cashman Center?

Hint: It was Ron Paul.

A group of supporters held a big “Ron Paul Revolution” banner at the intersection of East Charleston and Casino Center boulevards during First Friday (that’s the banner that borrows the backward “E” from the Revolution Lounge logo), and I bumped into a friend who is also Paul’s media contact in Vegas, the eminent Arden Guy Osborne III (or as I call him, AGO III), at the gun show. As we gazed over semiautomatic ammunition and rifle stocks, AGO III passionately mentioned that Paul has received little attention from Las Vegas media. The congressman from  Texas is one of the second-tier (or third-tier, if there are three tiers) candidates in the Republican race.

The Libertarian-tinged straight-talker opposes involvement in Iraq, any government restrictions on guns and the Patriot Acts. But evidently he is pro-local art.

Since May, the Ron Paul Meetup Group has grown from a dozen to about 250 devotees, and AGO III  fired off the Paul goodwill like so much buckshot. So I asked him for six reasons (six, to match the number of chambers in a revolver) why we should care about Ron Paul. The list: Liberty, consistency, less meddling in foreign affairs, more meddling in domestic affairs (fix healthcare!), transparency and honesty.

Whether you agree or not, it was artful, and delivered with firepower.

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