Strength and Honor

Josh Bell

It’s amazing how movies like this avoid going straight to video. Madsen, who pretty much lives on the new-release rack these days, plays retired Irish boxer Sean Kelleher. Soon after his wife dies of a vaguely defined illness, his cute little son is diagnosed with the same problem. If only Sean had the money he needed to pay for a highly experimental operation to save his son’s life!

How convenient, then, that that exact amount of money is the prize for winning an underground bare-knuckle boxing tournament. This isn’t much of a boxing movie, though, with the tournament not starting until an hour in, and the fights either unexciting or offscreen entirely. Jones gets in a few amusing moments as the laughably evil champion, but Madsen and his pathetic excuse for an Irish accent are utterly unconvincing as a sensitive dad. The dialogue and production values are both cheap, and the uplift is as contrived and unconvincing as the latest Blockbuster-approved American Pie sequel. 

Strength and Honor

* 1/2

Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Michael Rawley

Directed by Mark Mahon

Not rated

Opens Friday

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