New Year’s resolutions, ranked

According to NPR—only, like, the best authority one can consult while speeding down the highway—the earliest New Year’s resolutions on record were being made as far back as ancient Rome. And since we all know what partiers those folks were, we figure that if they can do it so can you. ranked “stop drinking” as the sixth most popular resolution made this time of year, which actually beat out No. 7, “get out of debt.” (This means that people would generally rather pay off endless revolving credit card debt even if they can’t wash down their grief with a pint or a nice chilled glass of Chardonnay.)

Scientific American weighed in on the matter, saying that “drinking appropriately” was the fourth of the five most important New Year’s resolution Americans should make for themselves. Others included staying active, eating healthy, quitting smoking and relieving stress. It’s still gratifying to see that “spend more time with family and friends” came first in’s rankings of the resolutions we actually do make for ourselves, followed by “fit in fitness,” “tame the bulge,” “quit smoking” and “enjoy life more.” Though it seems to us that last one and the glass of Chardonnay make a mighty fine wine pairing ...

Calling all bar stars

RoadRunner Saloon at Eastern and Pebble in Henderson will host the Seventh Annual Best in the West Bartender Showdown. More than 40 professional flair bartenders from around the world are set to converge on Las Vegas in hopes of winning the title of “Best Bartender in the West” and more than $12,500 in cash and prizes, as well as to raise money for Opportunity Village. Top prize this year is $5,000 cash, helping the event live up to its nickname, “the biggest little competition in the world.” Best in the West is also the first stop on the Flair Bartenders Association Pro Tour, made up of events around the world that lead to one “points champion” at the end of the year. There are six levels of events on the Pro Tour, Best in the West being a Level 3.

Always well-attended by industry members, the competition was established seven years ago by Ken Hall, Las Vegas local, six-time World Flair Bartending champion and president of High Spirits Enterprises and the FBA.

Qualifying rounds will be held on January 7, 14, 21 and 27, with the finals on January 28. Admission is free, and the event begins at 9 p.m. More info at

Three and a half questions with Deadmau5

Rising electronic-music newcomer Deadmau5 will make his first appearance in Las Vegas on December 30 at Empire Ballroom. As dance-music retailer’s No. 1 selling artist of 2007, this Canadian import has caught the attention of music heavyweights such as John Digweed, BBC1’s Pete Tong and even rocker-turned-sometime-DJ Tommy Lee. Deadmau5’s moniker came about when the DJ found an actual mouse carcass decomposing inside his computer tower (Deadmau5 has kept the expired creature in homage to his name and describes said rodent as “quite charming”). After playing a virtual game of cat and mau5 to track down the insanely busy jet-setting DJ, the Weekly was able to catch up with Deadmau5 to have him answer a few questions about his, as he says, “music of the electronic variety.”

With regard to your rising success and your music, one review stated, “One can certainly question how much gas is left in the tank.” What is your response to that, or similar negative feedback from critics, while many noted DJs are praising your work?

Well, there’s no gas tank. I don’t believe there’s a cap on creativity and passion. I’m just gonna keep on doing what I do until I either go deaf ... or [get] married.

Do you ever actually wear your giant custom foam Mickey Mouse-esque head (complete with illuminated eyes) during your live DJ sets? How well does that work out? It seems like it would be difficult.

Yeah. I usually roll up in it, muck about for about 30 minutes or so. It only weighs three pounds, but after 40 minutes, feels like 100 to me.

You’ve been hanging out with Tommy Lee and working on a possible collaboration for 2008. How would you say he’s influenced you as far as living the “rock and roll” lifestyle?

Well, me, Tommy, and [DJ] Aero get on great. He definitely gave me a look into the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle window, and, well, maybe it’s not 100 percent for me, but it’s definitely funny to watch and experience sometimes. As for how it affects my lifestyle? Not so much. He does his thing and I do mine, and when we’re hanging out it’s kind of a “WTF?” thing.

Since it’s the end of the year, do you have any resolutions you’re hoping to accomplish during 2008?

Yeah. I gotta curb the smoking habit, I think.

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