Peggy Plots Your Planets


with Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I had a dream that I was at a salon with my fiancé getting our hair cut (something we would never do together) when we heard an uproar outside. We both ran outside to find panicked people running down the street shouting that another country’s army was in our city, and that everyone was evacuating. The army was on foot, slowly advancing throughout the city, and incredibly menacing. Do you think this is just the world news following me to sleep at night, or something with a more complex meaning?

Kelly, 29, Boston, MA

Lauri: It usually isn’t a good idea to watch CNN before hitting the sack, as unsettling world events will certainly invade your dreams. However, I do believe there is a deeper meaning here ... because you mentioned you had a fiancé! Hair in dreams symbolizes your thoughts and ideas because—like hair—our thoughts and ideas sprout from our head. For you and your fiancé to be getting your hair cut must mean you are both re-thinking something or cutting some idea short. Certain wedding details perhaps? Maybe financial issues? Whatever the case, the change you two are making is because you are somehow feeling "under attack"—hence the invading army. Are friends and family forcing their thoughts and opinions on you? Or is the pressure of having everything just right getting to you? Whatever the case, this dream is reminding you that you and your fiancé are in it together.

Kelly replies:Thank you. This makes so much sense. I never would have thought about it this way.

Fascinating Sleep Fact: According to the National Sleep Research Project, a new baby typically results in 400-750 hours lost sleep for parents in the first year!

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg's website is thedreamzone.com

(March 20-April 20) The new moon arrives today. Go ahead and make your wish and set a goal or two, little ram. Remember, you have two weeks between the new and the full moon to work on your goals. So pull out your little red thinking cap. With five of the 10 planets in Aquarius on Saturday, talk about your ideas with groups, clubs and organizations. On Monday, play hush-hush. No need to talk to anyone about the plans you have been working on behind the scenes. Your Capricorn pals end their birthday month on Friday. On Saturday, the sun moves into Aquarius. Remember, it is Aquarius’ air that keeps your fire sign glowing.

(April 20-May 21) Okay, all you little bulls come out of the bullpen. The last of your Capricorn pals celebrate their birthdays on Friday. Share your knowledge with a Capricorn. You are both earth signs, therefore both practical and, well, down-to-earth. Now be careful dealing with people in authority. Do not look for red flags while five planets are visiting Aquarius. No need for dust storms. The new moon arrives today. Make your wish and set a goal or two for the next month. Wait until Monday or Tuesday to discuss your ideas. A sudden opportunity could flow your way on Monday, when the moon moves into Pisces. Pisces is water and you are earth. Looks like greener grass, little bull.

(May 21-June 21) The new moon arrives today, little twin. We all know you love to chat. Save some of your sign’s air to celebrate with your fellow air sign Aquarians as they embark on a month of birthday celebrations when the sun moves into their sign on Saturday. Five of the 10 planets are in Aquarius. Share your higher knowledge this week. This could be a great week to make travel plans. Later this spring, some of you may decide to acquire knowledge by returning to school, while others learn through travel. Saturn sends the structure for communication. Now do not forget to set your goal for the month when the new moon occurs.

(June 21-July 22) Crawl out of the sand and wave your little claws. Yes indeed, little crab, your Aquarius pals begin a month of birthday celebrations on Saturday. The new moon arrives today. Make your wish and set your monthly goal. Now with five of the ten planets in Aquarius, people are there for you. Talk with your banker. Next Wednesday would be the ideal day to ask for any assistance you may need. Watch joint resources this month. The moon moves into Aries as the week winds down. This could send action to folks in authority. Sudden opportunities could flow your way in the daily work department this week.

(July 23-Aug. 23) The new moon arrives as the last Capricorns celebrate their birthdays. On Saturday, Aquarius steps up to celebrate a month of birthday celebrations. This should make you roar, little lion. Yes indeed, you will have all the air you need to keep your fire glowing over the next month. Your space of relationships, personal and business, will take center stage this month. Now go ahead and make your wish and set your monthly goal during the new moon. On Monday, share a few of your creative ideas with others. Saturn provides structure. Jupiter winks at Mercury. Yes indeed, little kitty, this could be your week to meow.

(Aug. 23-Sept. 23) Sing happy birthday to another earth sign, Capricorn. They are winding up their birthday celebrations, and on Saturday, Aquarius steps up to the plate to celebrate their birthdays during the next month. A new moon arrives today, so make your wish and set a goal or two—something you would enjoy accomplishing over the next month. On Monday, opportunities arrive to talk with family members. Keep your words soft and tender in the relationship department. With half of the planets taking up residence in your daily work department, you should have no shortage of what you love to do most. Yes indeed, this is your month to detail and analyze.

(Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Dear little peacemaker, no need to try to balance anything this month. Five planets will visit Aquarius, like you, an air sign, on Saturday as residents of that sign begin a month of birthday celebrations. Those five planets in Aquarius will be in your space of fun, luck, gambling and creativity. Pull out your inner child. Spend time by the seashore or ski slope. The new moon also arrives. Before the week is over, make your wish and set your goal for the month. With so many planets in the party space of your chart, I am sure you may want to help an Aquarius pal celebrate her birthday.

(Oct. 23-Nov. 22) The new moon occurs today. Set your goal and make a wish or two. Do so before the week ends. Your Capricorn pals come to the end of a month of birthday celebrations on Friday. Your space of home and family plays host to five planets on Saturday. The moon sails into Pisces on Sunday, so you may feel a little anxious while the moon settles into Pisces. Share your values with others on Monday. The moon sends a message from the daily work department on Wednesday. Yes indeed, talk with someone in authority. They could help you get a little more organized. The home front takes center stage this month while those planets visit Aquarius.

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21) You Sags are the guys with higher knowledge, and some of you are the publishers of the zodiac. Indeed, you love to travel as well as shoot arrows. Okay, a new moon arrives, so make your wish and set a goal or two, something you want to accomplish over the month before the next new moon arrives. A gift awaits you on Saturday. Five planets are parked in your space of communication, thank you very much. As Aquarians begin a month of birthday celebrations, remember, dear Sag, Aquarius’ air keeps your fire glowing. With Jupiter in your sign, opportunities flow.

(Dec. 22-Jan. 20) Happy birthday to you later-born little mountain goats. On Saturday, Aquarians step up for their month of birthdays. You Capricorns have just a few days left to make a birthday wish. A new moon arrives in your sign today, so go ahead, it’s the perfect time to make your wish and set your goal for the rest of the year—something you want to happen between now and your next birthday. The sun and moon are both in your sign Friday. Wednesday is the best day of the week to talk to someone about your values. It’s a good week to work with real estate or talk with people in authority. Yes indeed, five planets visit your space of earned income. Opportunity could come to you in a very unusual way.

(Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Happy birthday this Saturday as the sun journeys into your sign, little genius. Now, being an air sign, this should bring you an opportunity to chat with your friends. Yes indeed, the sun and moon are in your sign along with Venus, Neptune and Mercury. Five of the 10 planets this Saturday. The moon then moves out early Sunday, leaving four planets in your sign. Schedule meetings with a group, club or any organization on Monday. Jupiter brings an opportunity to tell people about your hopes and wishes. Discuss your unique ideas. The new moon arrives today. Don’t forget to make your wish and set your goal for the month. You have two weeks to do this before the full moon arrives.

(Feb. 18-March 20) Dear little fish, make your wish and set a goal or two this week. Many of you may use this month to work behind the scenes with so many planets in Aquarius. This is not the week to tick others off. I know your water may take the wind out of Aquarius. On Monday, you may share a secret with the boss or another authority figure. Saturn sends structure to your daily work. Go ahead, little fish, spend time by yourself. Get organized. The best time to begin new projects or set a goal is between the new moon and the full moon. Now you have two weeks before the full moon as you watch the water get brighter.

Peggy Allison is the author of The Fundamentals of Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginner. She is a professional astrologer who lives on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and prepares personal astrological charts. Contact her at 340-774-2932, 340-513-3755 or at [email protected]

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