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Booker Trout steers own band upstream

Julie Seabaugh

Having moved to Las Vegas in 1994 at age 9, Patrick “Pulsar” Trout, now 21, considers himself a native. As such, he’s got the same legit gripe as most others involved with local music. “There are a lot of really good bands out there and a lot of bands that are trying hard,” he enthuses. “The problem ... is the lack of venues. It’s a situation where you have a lot of bands that really have nowhere to play.”

Two years ago, when frustrated by his favorite touring bands’ inability to secure Vegas gigs, he decided to start booking them himself at Rock N Java, Mojo Bean and, more recently, University Theatre. Pulsar counts Bane, Schoolyard Heroes, The Fall of Troy, Set Your Goals and The Stiletto Formal among his successes. “Last month I did Poison the Well; that was great. Going from seeing a band play when you’re 15 to booking a concert for them five years later is pretty awesome.”

He’s familiar with the alternate side of the music business as well. Unhappy with the direction of his old band, Ifiymm Records rockers The Strip, the guitarist departed at the end of October. March 1 brought with it the formation of Ministry of Love, an eclectic combination of punk, hardcore, pop and political slant described on MySpace as “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Band with April O’Neil on vocals.” The foursome have no qualms about their lofty aspirations to get signed, sell records and tour constantly. The CD-release show for a five-song, self-titled EP, in fact, also constitutes the group’s third show ever.

“We don’t feel we have to follow any particular formula or rules,” Pulsar says. “We pretty much write what we feel. What we’re really trying to do is not fall into that shoe-gazing, downer trap that a lot of heavier bands seem to fall into. We’re not trying to be Up with People or anything, but we are trying to be positive. We’d like to let people know that things aren’t quite as bad as they could be. They can always be worse.” - Julie Seabaugh

Ministry of Love CD release show, with Lydia Vance, AbbyNormal, Under City Stars and Battle Born. May 25, 6 p.m., $10. University Theatre, 898-5500.

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