Kristen Schaal

[The Conversation (1)] The Kaufman Award-winner on confidence, early boozers and Flight of the Conchords

Julie Seabaugh

What comedic doors did winning the 2005 Andy Kaufman Award open for you?

That was the first time that I felt totally confident in the kind of comedic stylings I was performing. I’d been doing clubs and rooms where I always felt nervous about not doing stand-up in stand-up venues. It made me more confident in what I was doing and that I would continue to do it the way I wanted to.

What can we expect from the Unprotected Sketch show?

My partner, Kurt, and I are going to be pulling some of our favorite sketches from our sketch canon. We’re hosting that, so we’re going to make sure that goes really smooth.

And at 5 p.m.; that’s quite the hilarious time slot they gave you.

Well, don’t people drink all day long in Vegas? We’re planning on getting them at the peak of their drunkenness before they crash at 6.

If you could apply the “fan-base” techniques you’ve honed on Flight of the Conchords to any comedian at the festival, who would be the object of your fandom and why?

I’d probably be a geek if I could talk to Ellen DeGeneres just because I love her comedy, and I think her career is really admirable. I might almost geek out on Seinfeld, but I don’t quite think so.

Any favorite things you like to do when you hit Vegas?

I like to go to the Sahara Casino, sort of on the older-ish Strip. They have $1 blackjack tables. One time I was there for 11 hours, and I didn’t lose or make any money. It was awesome. I hope to see O too, but I’m going to be doing lots of shows. I’m also opening for Tim Minchin on Saturday night. Kurt and I are also gonna go out into the desert just to go on a dream quest.

Maybe bury a few dead bodies while you’re out there?

If there’s any on top of the sand, we’ll at least try to bury them. ’Cause that’s disgusting.

Schaal and Watts co-host the Andy Kaufman Awards. November 16, Emperors Ballroom, 10 p.m. Schaal co-hosts the Unprotected Sketch show. November 16, Emperors Ballroom, 5 p.m. Watts appears on Brian Posehn’s Comedy Rock Show. November 15, Augustus Ballroom, 10 p.m.

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