A new Spin on the Alexis Park Resort

When DJ Masterweb parted ways with OPM, it was just about to reopen as Poetry, with a diversified sound. To ensure that he could continue to bring the people a pure hip-hop sound, he has partnered with Alexis Park Resort GM Adam Arzoomanian to open Spin Nightclub in the burgeoning Harmon corridor on Friday, December 28. A grand opening is planned for Saturday, December 29.

“I am looking to stay true to the upscale, urban crowd that we built up [at OPM],” Masterweb says. Located right off the main lobby, the new space (formerly Pegasus lobby bar) will increase in capacity from roughly 400 to 1,000 people. Enclosed and bisected to retain the convenience of a lobby bar, the club will open, at least at first, on Fridays and Saturdays. Masterweb expects to add an industry night by the time spring break arrives.

This new nightclub project is just one of many for Arzoomanian, who will also oversee the Alexis Park’s gaming initiatives, building a casino resort on the two lots behind the current property as well as expanding the suites and villa according to a three- to five-year plan. “This is just the tip of the iceberg for Alexis Park,” says Arzoomanian, who adds that of all the projects in the works, designing Spin is his hobby. At present, no rendering exists for the new club. “It’s in my head.”

In addition to Spin, Masterweb—who will serve as Spin’s director of marketing, promotions and advertising—will have access to the 1,800-capacity roof, used with much success this summer for parties. Via air-walls, Spin can be opened onto the pool, creating a 3,000-capacity megaspace. Alexis Park has long made its name as an ideal location for special events such as the recent Fetish & Fantasy Ball. With Spin, the systems put in place to make those special events a reality will be made permanent.

Construction is underway on the sunken dance floor and raised VIP sections. Reading from his mental picture, Arzoomanian says that gold, platinum and water features will factor heavily in the design. “It seems like we’re getting things done very quickly here.”

Masterweb brings with him as operations manager former OPM bartender Victoria Goss, as well as Hot 97.5-FM’s Big Dee and DJ Dre Dae, who have given notice at OPM. Arzoomanian stresses that he will not sacrifice any safety in bringing this 100 percent hip-hop party to his property. Rather, it will be a “safe, peaceful, but hot-and-happening event.”

“We’re gonna run a very tight dress code,” adds Masterweb, “a real spot for people who love hip-hop music and are willing to get dressed up to go out.”

The radio star

Last Saturday night, Tabu’s veteran DJ Jose 2 Hype joined the ranks of Vegas’ satellite radio-style house and electronic music shows with his new radio show on 93.1-FM, alternately from 2-3:30 a.m. and from 3:30-5 a.m. While shows like this have been a mainstay of satellite radio (local DJ Scotty Boy does such a show on Air 81-XM Fridays at 8 p.m.), house music has been steadily increasing its presence on the FM dial as well.

So whether you’re listening to Jose 2 Hype or the Late Night Creeps on Vibrate Radio, 98.5-FM Fridays and Saturdays from 2-5 a.m., when you’re driving down Las Vegas Boulevard, hopping between clubs, the house music no longer has to stop.

Vox launches happy hour ... seven of ’em!

The newly opened Vox may call itself a wine lounge, but its new happy hours, beginning Monday, November 26, guarantee there’s a perfect day of the week to visit Vox no matter what you drink.

Monday is for bourbon lovers. The first Maker’s Mark is complimentary, and thereafter all small-batch bourbons and single-malt scotches are $7 apiece. And if you’re thrilled by that deal, you can celebrate on Tuesday with a complimentary glass of champagne, after which all sparkling wines and champagnes by the glass are $7 apiece as well.

On Wednesdays, Vox goes back to being all about wine—Rock ’n’ Roll Wine with Chris Hammond and Sonny Barton. Customers have more than 20 wines to choose from that are offered by the glass. The first one’s free, and after that they’re (you guessed it) $7 apiece. Thursday, whether you like it shaken or stirred, your first martini is free, and the rest are $7 apiece. Beginning to sense a pattern?

Well, Friday breaks that pattern, because everything—wine, champagne, scotch, bourbon and pretty much anything with alcohol in it—is two-for-one, including super-premiums. And whichever day of the week you choose, you can enjoy complimentary flatbreads, matchstick fries and edamame with truffle essence and sea salt. So there’s plenty to whet your appetite no matter what wets your whistle.

Bring your camera and a tarp

 “She’s pregnant with Satan’s baby and wants to give birth live onstage. Next show: December 7th at Icehouse!”

–The Deadly Seven’s shadowy mystery manager Mr. D on D7 singer Envy’s imminent motherhood

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