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Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

My brother turns into a vampire and comes to warn me to get out of town. We fly up, and he pushes me into the direction where I will be safe. I start to fly in that direction, careful not to arouse the suspicion of the other vampires who have taken over the town. I see vampires everywhere. I get to the safe place, but I’m not so sure whether I trust this place or whether I trust my brother. My brother in this dream doesn’t resemble my brother in real life.

–Sharon, 38, Queensland, Australia

Lauri: Vampires in dreams typically mean that someone or something in your life is draining your energy. Is there someone in your life that reminds you of your brother—or someone that you consider “family”—that is draining you? The warning is actually coming from yourself. You are really telling yourself that you need to get out of a certain situation. Just as you are trying not to arouse suspicion in the dream, how in your life have you been trying to “fly under the radar”? This is telling you that you have gotten into a situation you need to get out of. It is threatening to drain you either financially or emotionally.

Sharon replies: This all makes sense now. I feel a group of close friends may not be inspired by my new direction in life. I have lived under the radar, and they’ve probably all known me as someone else, so perhaps I’m feeling that their comments match the energy of disapproval.

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