“No” is a full sentence, Pt. 3

Stress Relieving Fact #4: “No” is a full sentence.

I can probably imagine that Macy Gray missing her flight is the least of your worries. Most people can understand the majority of what I’m talking about, but are really put to the test when their stress is coming from something like job or money related issues. These are tough, I admit. If you have a tyrannical boss who is constantly pushing your workload to the max it’s not to easy to say “not today, Bob, thanks.” (Although it worked well in Office Space.) The truth is that if your boss is so miserable stress is constantly unavoidable – you need another job. Even though that may sound stressful in of itself- it would be an improvement for your life. As I said in part one stress is a killer. That’s not a joke or an exaggeration. It picks away at your quality of life and makes the rest of your world a struggle. That said, you have to figure out how much stress you are simply creating for yourself versus how much is actually unavoidable. Not a lot of people understand that “No” is a full sentence. In most situations I would think your boss would be pleased if the quality of your work went up because you started admitting when all the extra assignments were a bit too much. Additionally, when you have a clear head you can take on much more work! Stress is sort of like a ball of fishing line; the more you struggle the more you’re going to get wound up and become immobile.

Stress Relieving Fact #5: There’s always a solution.

There really is not one thing in this world that doesn’t have a solution. TRUST ME, I know. I have been in the most obnoxious situations and always found a ladder to climb out of them. Just today I had to go over a city judge’s head and address the city council and their attorney about some traffic tickets they were threatening to suspend my license over. I don’t think a lot of people take the initiative to do that but I don’t know why not. It worked and all it required was a couple phone calls!

You’re never powerless and there are so many resources and possibilities in this world that you should never be able to think that just because something unpleasant happened you’re stuck there. You miss a deadline? Finish the project as soon as you can. If you gave 100% and you still didn’t finish on time – there was nothing else you could have done. Let it go. Let’s say Macy Grey didn’t catch her flight in time for my event. Now what? We’d delay her DJ set two hours. What if she didn’t show up at all? Well, neither did Lindsay Lohan for her own birthday at PURE and they still made a killing.

Stress Relieving Fact #6: Nothing is ever the end of world.

Remember that.

Precocious entrepreneur, workaholic and a rabid perfectionist Crystal Starlight is a pro right down the line. Email her at [email protected]

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