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Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I have a reoccurring and terrifying dream where I am kidnapped by a man with a black mask. Not only am I raped in the dream, but I am also very graphically tortured for long periods of time. The dream is so real that I actually feel the pain. I cry and scream in horror, and then I wake up. Please tell me what this means. You can imagine how very disturbing this is.


Lauri: These dreams suggest that you are feeling powerless in some way. The masked man represents something in your life you do not want to “face.” This could be a behavior of yours that overpowers you, or this could be someone around you who tries to take advantage of you. The more we mishandle a situation, the more hostile our dreams become.

Anonymous replies: I believe the masked man is the city I work for. I recently sued the city and my three managers for sexual discrimination and violence in the workplace. I had a very strong case with a ton of documentation including a tape recording where one manager admits that he has a problem working with women in an authority position. I have been investigated numerous times, harassed and intimidated. The city finally agreed to settle but admits no wrongdoing. I am frustrated and unsure of my future. I am presently looking for another job. For now I am forced to keep going to a place where I am uncomfortable.

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