The Weekly Playlist: Toy stories

Spencer Patterson, Julie Seabaugh

This week’s appearance by longtime UK punk heroes The Vibrators has us digging around for our sex toys ... er, songs about sex toys.

1. Beck, “Sexx Laws” (Midnite Vultures, 1999) “I want to defy/The logic of all sex laws/Let the handcuffs slip off your wrists/I’ll let you be my chaperone.”

2. The Police, “Be My Girl Sally” (Outlandos d’Amour, 1978) “I took her to the bedroom/And pumped her with some life/And later in a moment/That girl became my wife/And so I sit her in the corner/And sometimes stroke her hair/And when I’m feeling naughty/I blow her up with air.”

3. Lords of Acid, “Deep Sexy Space” (Our Little Secret, 1997) “I was pretty far out/As I started to shout/When a dildo from Mars/Swinging from a cloud/Came rushing down/Landing the ground/I was freaking out.”

4. Reverend Horton Heat, “Love Whip” (Smoke ’em if You Got ’em, 1992) “Some people think I’m kind of shy/When I’m with my baby, lord my-oh-my/She’s got a love whip, and it’s so hip.”

5. Missy Elliott, “Toyz” (This Is Not a Test!, 2003) “I keep my Butterfly close when you ain’t wanna be bothered/Don’t come waking me up, ’cause I ain’t giving you nada.”

6. Goldie Lookin’ Chain, “No Joke” (Don’t Blame the Chain, 2001) “I’m John Ben-Wa Balls and I’m goin’ up the walls/I went out with my mates to see the waterfalls.”

7. Sonic Youth, “French Tickler” (A Thousand Leaves, 1998) “Uncovered forever barest endeavor/Free time, free time/If you want me splash me forever.”

8. Lunachicks, “Buttplug” (Jerk of All Trades, 1995) “I like your feet, I think they’re neat/There’s one problem I can see/As I stare at your underwear/I see something lodged up there.”

The Vibrators with Suite 666, Peccadilloes. October 18, 9 p.m., $10. Beauty Bar, 598-1965.

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